Lawsuit Alleges Disney Talent Agencies Have Child Sex Grooming Rings In Hollywood

Ricky Garcia

Tammy Garcia is the mother of Ricky Garcia, a boy band member of the Disney-backed group, and she helped her son file a lawsuit alleging that the Disney agencies and organization in Hollywood are involved in child grooming and sex trafficking. The lawsuit was originally filed back on September 9th, 2019, but the story hasn’t gained much traction until recently.
Tammy took her story to Tiffany Fitshenry, who did a detailed write-up on all of the salacious events that took place throughout Ricky’s life between the ages of 12 and 20.

The most relevant excerpt from the article reads…

“[…] Tammy’s son Ricky Garcia, 20, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in which he named his ex-manager Joby Harte, 37, Joby’s Hot Rocks Media business partners Paul Cohen and Sheri Anderson Thomas, talent agency APA, former APA agent Tyler Grasham, and manager Nils Larsen, currently employed by Management 360.


“The suit alleges that from the age of 12 years old Ricky was groomed, sexually abused and raped on a weekly basis, and that Joby Harte passed him around as a “sexual plaything” to other powerful pedophiles throughout the business.”

The article goes through exhaustive and explicit detail of how, from age 12 up until 20, Ricky was subjected to abuse of various flavors.

It started with allegations of Joby Harte, the manager of the boy band, allegedly imbibing the boys with alcohol. Being that they were underage, Ricky recounts in the documents how he blacked out and when he woke up he was naked, in Joby’s bed.

This happened multiple times a week for four years, according to the documents. Not unlike what actress Bella Thorne reported happened to her while she was working on the show Shake It Up. She later would talk about the abuse in passing during an interview on Build.

Ricky and the rest of the band were taken to lavish Hollywood parties where they rubbed shoulders with some of the moguls of the music and movie business, and it was at this parties that Ricky claims he was sexually molested both by men and women, including APA agent Tyler Grasham, who has been accused multiple times over the years of sexually abusing minors. However, Grasham managed to escape any sort of prosecution from the District Attorney due to expiry of the statue of limitations as well as a lack of corroborating evidence, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The APA did respond by firing Grasham back in October, 2017, but in February of 2019, The Hollywood Reporter noted that another Hollywood agency
was “mulling” over bringing Grasham in because they claimed he was a “changed” man.

According to FitsHenry’s recount of Ricky and Tammy Garcia’s suit, the reason Grasham and others escaped prosecution or any sort of repercussions is because Hollywood apparently protects these people.

Typically, the first question one might have is why would a mother let her son into such a world? Well, Tammy claims that she was groomed to believe that the only way Ricky would court success is if she wasn’t around to be a mommy manager; she was convinced by the agency that it was best to let them handle Ricky to maximize his potential in the business, and she believed them.

Tammy also spoke more about the lawsuit with FitzHenry via a video interview, which is set to air on January 5th, 2020 at 7:00 pm on Tiffany FitzHenry’s YouTube channel.

According to FitzHenry, the main reason why Tammy pursued a lawsuit instead of the traditional law enforcement route was because when the local police investigated the matter they never even interviewed Joby Harte, and others who had also alleged that Joby had assaulted their kids also reported that police had never interviewed him.

The Los Angeles police also reportedly dropped the case because there wasn’t enough evidence to corroborate Ricky’s story, which he only decided to pursue years after he had already been abused.

Given that he didn’t think to go in for a rape kit after being abused or use a recording device, he had nothing to back up his story except his word and the word of others. Of course, in the case of Bill Cosby, all it required was testimony without physical evidence to prosecute Cosby, mostly thanks to multiple witnesses working as “prior bad acts”, as reported by CNN.

In this case, however, despite there allegedly having been multiple victims of the accused parties, it wasn’t enough for the police to pursue. Something similar happened when Corey Feldman and Corey Haim also claimed to have been sexually abused by Hollywood moguls. Feldman went to the police years later and police said they would investigate but nothing came of the investigation.

In the case of Ricky Garcia, his original attempts to address the issue came about when he first confided in a former employee of Joby Harte about the alleged abuse he had suffered at the hands of his manager, the alleged molestation he endured at Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ house by then marketing and PR agent Lisa Delcampo, who used to work with N’Sync’s Lance Bass – who also claimed to have endured sexual abuse as a teenager, as reported by The Gaurdian – and CAA agent Janet Kim, who allegedly molested and sexually abused him. In spring of 2018, after telling the former assistant his story, Ricky was convinced to confront Joby about the abuse, but Joby attempted to prevent Ricky from telling his mother by working with Janet Kim to schedule an impromptu tour for the band Forever In Your Mind, thus preventing Ricky from talking with his mom about the abuse.

Joby’s former assistant ended up telling Tammy, who then confronted Joby, who played it off that there was no abuse, just “horseplay”. That’s when they decided to go to the police about it, and the police did nothing about it because they said they lacked evidence, and then that’s when Tammy and Ricky decided to file a lawsuit.

According to the article, the trial for the suit isn’t scheduled to take place until 2021. Anything can happen between then and now.

Another thing that the article pointed out was that all of the cover-ups regarding Jeffrey Epstein make a lot more sense now given that Disney Studios’ Richard cook and former ABC Studios president Geraldine Layborne took trips on Epstein’s Lolita Express, and pose the very noteworthy question as to if that was the reason why ABC spiked the Epstein story that Amy Robach had prepared, as leaked by Project Veritas.

It also reminds me of how hard the media collaborated together to bury the #PizzaGate story, which was immediately claimed by Wikipedia editors as being “fake” and “debunked”, even before any investigation took place. They even went so far as to remove the article about journalist David Seaman from Wikipedia as a way to prevent people from finding out more information about #PizzaGate.

The real story wasn’t about #PizzaGate itself but just how hard the media and the elites worked to scuttle any mention of the event, and prevent any sort of organized crowdsourced investigation from taking place. Even the Washington Post went over and beyond to misrepresent and misconstrue information about the late Monica Petersen after she turned up dead following her investigation into human trafficking taking place at the mining facility in Haiti that involved Hillary Clinton’s late brother, Tony Rodham, who died back in June of 2019 due to unknown causes.

His death arrived four years after legislative assistant Brent Budowsky sent an e-mail to Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, informing him that they needed to get things in order if Clinton was to have a shot at the Presidency, with the tail end of the letter dated March 21st, 2015

“[…] If she is not hearing this from others, please feel free to forward this to her, I will play the bad guy here because I do not want her money and because she needs to hear this from her friends and she will sure as hell be attacked for this by her enemies, and it will be megaphoned throughout the media, and foreign donations and paid speeches and hustling gold mining deals by her brother are entirely legitimate issues that are self-created, and must self-corrected before it is too late….and I do not believe the Clintons fully understand the magnitude and immediacy of the danger in the current political and media climate…..Brent”

But don’t be surprised if Tammy and Ricky Garcia’s story ends up six feet under like a lot of the other claims and allegations that have surfaced over the years in an attempt to expose the corruption rings oscillating throughout the elite circles of Hollywood.

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