Patreon Bans Koikatsu Party, Emotion Creators Mods For “Sexualizing Minors”

Koikatsu Party

Lewd mods for Koikatsu Party and Emotion Creators have been banned by Patreon’s Trust & Safety team. The reason given is that they claim that the software applications that the mods were made for contained minors, and therefore the lewd mods “sexualized minors”.

The news comes from mod maker FlashBangZ, who is well known within the modding community for his Koikatsu Party and Emotion Creators content. On January 12th, 2020, FlashBangZ explained in a community post…

“Now the not so great news, Koikatsu and EmotionCreators is now indexed/blacklisted by Patreon and releasing any kind of content for it will not be possible. I know that the main work-around was to say “Just release it somewhere else or send it out via pm”. After asking about this, I got a somewhat clear “no”.”

FlashBangZ did explain that content for Ai-Syoujyo was deemed “safe” and that he has plans on bringing back content for it, but the other two are a no-go.

He also shared an excerpt from the letter he received from Patreon explaining their decision to ban Koikatsu Party, where they wrote…

“To clarify on your question from yesterday, the main reason why the game Koikatsu is not supportable on Patreon is because it contains depictions of sexualized minors.


“Here is that snippet from our guidelines:


“Per our guidelines, we have zero tolerance for the glorification of sexual violence, and this includes depictions of sexualized minors, non-consensual sex, incest, and bestiality. This extends to any shota or loli content, since this type of content exclusively references characters who are minors.


“Content glorifying sexual violence cannot be funded by or linked to or from your creator page in any way.


“You can offer modifications to this game on your own site, but then you wouldn’t be able to link your own site to Patreon. Violative content can’t be linked to or from Patreon.”

So for everyone saying “Well, he can just release the mods off-site on his own website!” that won’t be possible unless he completely stops linking his website to Patreon.

He technically could stop linking his site to Patreon, but then how or where would people know to get his content?

It’s a catch-22 designed to deter content creators from making anything that doesn’t align with their fascist Leftist views.

The real kicker is that Koikatsu Party‘s Steam release is the all-ages version, and it was released censored on Valve’s platform back in June of 2019. The uncensored patch was only made available off-site, the same with any third-party mods. In short, Patreon is basically muscling in on the modding community even for content hosted off-site.

The only way around Patreon’s pro-censorship despotism would be for modders to switch to SubscribeStar or NewProject 2.

(Thanks for the news tip DosonTheGreat)

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