Pokemon Sword and Shield Announces Game Pass, New and Returning Pokemon

The saga that lead to Sword and Shield’s current state was a long and complex set of circumstances involving rights, clashing corporate interests, and passions of developers coming together to create the end result we have today. Regardless of whose side you take in the matter it cannot be denied that at the end of the day it was players who had to endure a less than stellar product missing a vast amount of the Pokemon database.

Today all parties aim to remedy this with the announcement of the Content Pass for Pokemon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch. The core expansion will be adding two new zones for players to explore and capture roughly 200 returning and new Pokémon from the long-running series. Those that do not purchase the pass will still be able to acquire the Pokémon through a transfer system in the works dubbed: Pokémon Home.

Beyond the addition of new Pokémon, both The Isle of Armor and the Crown of Tundra will add new areas for players to explore. Both will be filled with the aforementioned new and returning Pokémon which will be only capture able in these new areas. Along with what Nintendo describes as a colorful cast of new characters to meet and battle while exploring the new story material.

Most of what was shown in the trailer involved concept art. Either the content is in early development by the returning A team or this was decided for artistic direction. To assure the fans content has been developed there are brief slices of gameplay sparsely sprinkled amongst the 2D art reveals.

The First content pass, Isle of Armor, is scheduled for release in June of this year with Crown of Tundra being scheduled to released sometime in fall for the Nintendo Switch.

(Thanks for the tip The Embodiment Of Madness, Wondy Bergers)

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