Predator: Hunting Grounds May Not Have An Open Beta, According To Art Director

Predator: Hunting Grounds is IllFonic’s latest work, an upcoming game that sees four soldiers against one person assuming the role of a Predator. The title in question is set to release across PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4 on April 24th, 2020. However, it looks like the forthcoming game will have no open beta, according to art director Tramell Issac.

ResetEra lost its mind over this game late last year when the devs released the female Predator’s design. Many soyboys, male feminist, and social justice warriors lamented over the size of the female Predator’s boobs as well as the amount of skin shown.

Although it’s unclear if IllFonic will attempt to fulfill ResetEra’s dreams by emasculating the male Predator and toning down the female Predator to fit current year standards, we know that the game has no alpha or beta planned as of now.

Thanks to website, the publication site had a one-on-one interview with Issac regarding what gamers and fans of the Predator universe can expect from Hunting Grounds.

You can watch the five-minute-long interview right here courtesy of GamerHubTV:

In case you may have skipped out on the video and want to get a quick rundown, the game at this point may not have a beta leading up to release because that’s not in the team’s “books.”

Contrary to that, though, Issac says the team wants to have as many people test the game so that Hunting Grounds can release polished. I’m not sure if this a reference to a closed beta or some live event where the team hosts a demo to gain feedback? However it goes, we’ll find out soon.

Whether the team releases a public demo or reframes from doing so, you can make up your mind on Predator: Hunting Grounds by checking out pre-alpha footage from EuroGamer Expo 2019 right here:

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