Prison Princess Debut Trailer Brings Pantsu Shots And Jiggly Boobs Front And Center

While Sony, Microsoft, and Steam squirm at the notion of scantily clad waifus searching for the ultimate thing that will swell their bosoms with pride, it looks like Nintendo is gearing up to release Qureate’s upcoming puzzle-escape title, Prison Princess, for the Switch later this month.

If you happen to like pantsu shots and deep cleavage, I got good news for you. The latest trailer for Prison Princess teases just that while showing off puzzler elements, too.

Without wasting any more of your time, you can check out what this vivacious game has in store by assessing the latest trailer thanks to Qureate official YouTube channel:

“It is the first trailer of escape game “Prison Princess” for gentlemen. Stream on Nintendo Switch on January 30, 2020!”

For those of you looking for additional info on this game, Qureate revealed not too long ago that the puzzler would receive distribution in North America.

In other words, Prison Princess will be available for Western gamers from the Nintendo eShop on January 30th.

Furthermore, folks that opt to pick up the game in the coming weeks will be able to listen to Japanese voice-overs for the main characters with English subs.

As for the story, players will find that the continent of Meigard is no longer a peaceful place due to the Demon King suddenly taking town after town. Nevertheless, a descendant of the ancient hero rises to oppose the Demon King but ultimately dies during his journey.

However, only his spirit remains, meaning he must make his way to rescue the captive princesses as a hero with no physical body. This means he can’t explore the physical realm on his own, therefore he must guide the two busty heroines to solve various puzzles.

The good news is that touching isn’t strictly prohibited to walls and items in that groping the princesses is said to trigger “spicy” reactions. So there’s a lot of “exploration.”

Lastly, if this game seems interesting to you, it’s due out for the Nintendo Switch later this month on January 30th.

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