Racist Disney Refused to Cast Asian As Rey In Star Wars

If you didn’t like Rose Tico in The Last Jedi it was not because her character was poorly written, it was because you were nothing but a racist who didn’t want Asian representation. That was the narrative Disney happily pushed as they pretended to be the victim after backlash ensued from fans and general audiences alike to the terrible Rose Tico character.

Representation is all that matters as far as Hollywood is concerned. Your skill, raw talent, pedigree, accolades, determination, none of that matters, what matters in the world of identity politics is what your race is perceived to be. Unless you are a white woman, then for some reason these standards don’t apply to you unless you’re not gay enough or some other contrivance.

Setting up such an asinine standard one would think Disney would first ensure with the project they were utilizing it as a defense for that first there was nothing that occurred during the development of the project that would then paint them in a negative light under the same standard. Not only did they not, but they passed over half Asian actress Jessica Henwick for the role of Rey in the Force Awakens. Even after she auditioned for the role for six months, J. J. Abrams and Disney decided to give it to a white woman instead.

In an interview for her upcoming movie Underwater with the Hollywood Reporter Jessica Henwick discussed her time and experience trying to get the role.

“Oh my God, dude. That was fucking six months. That was a long one. I was auditioning for a different character, actually, so I spent six months auditioning for that character. And then, at the end, J.J. said, “I want you to be in the film, but I want to write a character for you.” That’s how Jess Pava was created. So, it was a very, very long experience. It’s hard because I’ve been doing this long enough to know that you go in, audition, put it to the back of your mind, don’t think about it and don’t get emotionally invested. But, after six months, you can’t help but just desperately want it. I’m also such a big J.J. fan. So, I was a mess at the end of those six months.”

With her prior experience with combat scenes and range of emotion the actress would have been a far better choice than Daisy Ridley for Rey. After Rise of Skywalker Ridley has confirmed with other cast members that she is done working for Disney, at least on anything Star Wars related. For reasons unknown the actress was passed up by the director and company who professed dedication to the cause of diversity and female representation.

As usual SJWs project, so while they were calling us racists for not liking a poorly contrived character they were behind the scenes refusing to put an Asian in the lead role. How many more of these skeletons are going to be found in the Disney Star Wars closet?


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