Remedy Holds AMA On ResetEra, Fans Lambast Both For Being Anti-Gamer

ResetEra is known for a lot of atrocious things, and many people that join that forum to circle-jerk and push social justice narratives are usually projectors that revel in things they accuse their counterparts of doing. Well, it looks like Remedy wants to cement its friendship with ResetEra by doing whatever it takes, like the much recent AMA.

There are so many terrible accounts under ResetEra’s belt that listing it all would take a very long time. However, the site that’s known for doxing people, supporting child sex crimes, and banning people for not following the hivemind mentality seems to have made friends with the folks behind Control.

This should come in as no surprise in that Thomas Puha, head of communications at Remedy, took to Resetera last year in early August to thwart a rumor suggesting the game faced a downgrade.

After that very moment, many people suspected an alliance between the two and anyone thinking that wouldn’t be wrong given the following announcement:

As expected, many people came out in droves to uncover the past of ResetEra to Remedy — although the developers could care less, seeing that they have a long-standing relationship with the forum board.

Nevertheless, social justice warriors, centrists, and gamers around the net took turns railing on ResetEra and Remedy as seen by centrist ex-journalist Jonathan Randall:

Tyler Malka, NeoGaf owner and an SJW that holds sexual misconduct claims over him like an umbrella on a rainy day, came on to the thread to redirect Remedy to Neogaf. However, Malka was in for a rude awakening:

Other people stepped up their jokes by mentioning how Cyberpunk 2077 can get someone banned on Resetera, and how the now delayed game’s abbreviation describes the web forum:

Meanwhile, some fans tried offering Remedy advice regarding the web portal for human degeneracy:

Other fans could see right through Remedy and how they needed to shill the dead game to child loving Resetera members to boost sales:

Nevertheless, the game that was already facing an uphill struggle due to featuring yet another strong, independent female protagonist, the whole gender equality stream initiative, and the Epic Games Store timed exclusivity all melded together to make the perfect recipe for “get woke, go broke” in that the third-person shooter failed to make the top ten charts around the world.

Lastly, I think the final tweet for the day regarding Resetera and Remedy sums up relying on SJWs to sell a product:

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