Sony Interactive Interactive Entertainment Shifts Headquarters To Europe

SIE Veronica Rogers

As if things couldn’t get worse for Sony. The company announced that instead of being a three-pronged operation with Japan, Europe, and America operating independent of one another, they will now all be headed up under SIE president Jim Ryan.

According to VentureBeat, newly appointed vice president and head of global business operations, Veronica Rogers, will be in charge of making sure the transition goes through smoothly and that all departments answer to the European head office.

Veronica Rogers previously worked at Dell and Microsoft, and will join Jim Ryan in Europe, working alongside Hermen Hulst, who previously was the studio head for Guerrilla Games but is now the new Sony Worldwide Studios boss, a title previously held by Shuhei Yoshida.

One would think that Sony would have kept management preferably the same as it did during the early days of the PS4, which saw it rocket to massive success both for being a competent console at a decent price and because Microsoft wet the bed with the Xbox One’s launch worse than a nightmare-prone toddler with a bladder control infection.

For some reason Sony is now switching up all of their executive staff, putting all of the operating focus on Europe, and placing Jim Ryan, Hermen Hulst, and Veronica Rogers in charge.

Given that Europe as a continent is in complete disarray, with the U.K., in particular being ideologically cuckolded by the immigration policies that have seen their crime rates soar, rape gangs flourish, and innocent citizens being brought under the boot-heel of criminal savages from war-torn countries, it’s unlikely things will get better for Sony from a policy perspective.

Some people thought that perhaps the Sony Censorship Policies would be redacted, but that didn’t happen at all. In fact, when Jim Ryan replaced John Kodera as Sony’s new president back in early 2019, absolutely nothing changed on the censorship front, and games were still forced to render their creative visions to Sony’s puritan standards.

In fact, even after Ryan took charge, we still saw games like Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered censored, as well as LoveR’s DLC costumes, and even the infamous situation involving Devil May Cry 5‘s censorship, which was partially reversed in regions outside of Europe and Australia. So Sony’s Censorship Polices were not abolished once Jim Ryan took control.

So now that Sony is headquartered in Europe, don’t expect the policies, censorship, or Left-wing agenda pushing to change anytime soon at all. Also, putting a woman in such a lofty position as part of their new agenda gives me flashbacks of Yahoo!’s demise under Marissa Mayer.

(Thanks for the news tip Epicus Maximus)