Square Enix Scenario Writer Expresses Disappointment Over Final Fantasy VII Remake Leaks

Square Enix may be trying to support “cloud gaming” and thinks 5G will help the service become a “new trend,” but on the gaming front, the company has experienced a big leak regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake and its demo. According to recent reports, Kazushige Nojima — Final Fantasy VII Remake’s scenario writer — feels disappointed and trampled on by these leaks.

Many gamers were skeptical when it came to Final Fantasy VII Remake gaining a demo when gamstat.com announced the news. But indeed, the demo is a thing, and although it doesn’t have an official release date as per Square Enix, the act of the leakers proved the former website’s finding true.

Now that the rumor that was tried and tested came forth clean, it looks like Nojima feels hurt by what the leakers have done in that he feels there was no consideration on the exposer’s end.

Here’s the tweet in question from Nojima:

If you can’t read the tweet, website usgamer.net got help from localizer Tom James, where the localizer’s translation and explanation sit below:

“This leak sure tramples over a lot of things.”


“The choice of words he uses emphasizes basically the lack of consideration for the dev team’s own plans and emotions on the matter. It’s the same word you’d actually use when saying someone is trampling over someone else’s feelings in Japanese.”

On the opposite side of the coin, Nojima seems to have put the whole leak ordeal behind him with the scenario writer posting up Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger:

Nevertheless, the leaks don’t end there, though. According to gamingbolt.com, Twitter user Roxanne reveals more evidence to the already obvious PC port with the following information:

With PC coding still left inside the game that has two months to go before launch, means that folks that want to see Tifa or Shiva in their correct attire (or rocking their B-day suit) will be able to do so through mods when the game eventually releases on PC, but the bustling pair should have been uncensored from the start.

Anyway, Square Enix is to release Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 on March 3rd, 2020.

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