Stardew Valley Sells More Than 10 Million Copies

Stardew Valley

Lone developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone originally released Stardew Valley for PC back in February of 2016. The game became an instant sleeper-hit on PC and it wasn’t long after that ConcernedApe struck deals with the platform holders to get Stardew Valley on the Xbox One, and a year later on the Nintendo Switch.

Well, after taking the PC and console market by storm, ConcernedApe took to Twitter to boast about the game’s adoption rate among the gaming community, revealing that since 2016 the game has moved 10 million copies.

You get a slight idea of where the game sits in terms of sales distribution thanks to SteamSpy, which puts the PC version of the game somewhere between 5 million and 10 million copies. Obviously the consoles share some part of the pie, so it’s likely that somewhere in the middle of that 5 – 10 million figure with the other systems filling out the rest of the sales.

It’s a shame we don’t have the console numbers so we could properly tell which of the consoles the game is most popular on, but still it’s good to see an indie developer achieving the sort of sales figures oftentimes reserved for AAA titles only.

Hopefully Eric Barone doesn’t become converged and abandon everything that made the game popular in the first place in order to cater to a minuscule and whiny minority of fascists trying to ruin everybody’s fun and destroy media culture. Unfortunately this socially parasitic disease has affected a lot of other indie developers out there, and we consistently see everything being morphed and distorted into a nightmarish dystopia.

(Thanks for the news tip GuardianEvaUnit02)