Stephen King Triggers Twitter by Claiming Art Should be Judged on the Contents of its Character Not The Color of its Creator’s Skin

Stephen King yesterday set off the twitter hate mobs by asserting that nominations for awards should be based on merit rather than diversity. That was all it took to spark off a massive Twitter hate storm over yet another famous voice stating an opinion that goes against the progressive identity ideology that permeates Hollywood.

From this meritocratic position I’m sure the responses were well reasoned, rational and presented with empirical precision.

I’m kidding. It’s Twitter.

It’s a dumpster fire of racists spewing hatred at white people and virtue signaling how woke they are.

It is an interesting sentiment that a creator’s works are not separate from the creator’s reputation. In some part most can agree with this sentiment. On our side we don’t support woke media, woke companies, and is less likely to buy products from anti-white Trump derangement syndrome sufferers.

Yet at the same time the added bit of collectivism is where he slips up. It’s rather paradoxical in its nature. It asserts all people of color are under-privileged because of systematic oppression. Yet at the same time it denies that another race can’t be doing well or poor because of their own of systematic efforts.

If you dare bring up the notion of collective positive actions they decry you a racist, but their own ideology of collectivism necessitates that individualism doesn’t exist, thus your lot in life must be a reaction to your environment and society. This necessitates that one race be inherently superior because individual effort and consequences don’t factor into this world view. Yet despite this being a necessity and a passive admission if you point it out you’re the racist not them.

You have to love how flagrantly racist the anti racists of the left are. Apparently you are not allowed to speak if you are white because whites are a majority in the west. Except this qualifies as genocide and whites are the minority on the world stage never factors into their decisions as they tweet from their ethnically pure neighborhoods slash apartments.

By now you get the picture. Stephen King for his sentiment that content of one’s work not the color of their skin is what matters netted him an endless stream of upper class white racists responding how what he said was problematic.

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