Super Tennis, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Super Tennis

Polish outfit Ultimate Games SA announced that two new games are currently available on the Nintendo Switch, Super Tennis and Motorcycle Mechanic. The first game is a turn-based sports title, while the second is an edutainment title with mini-games utilizing the Switch’s controls as you build, repair, and restore various types of motorcycles.

Super Tennis almost looks like a throwback to the original Super Tennis on the SNES, yet somehow cheaper and less dynamic. There’s a mobile phone-quality to the visual design of the game, which attempts to poorly imitate the 16-bit pixel era from the 1990s.

Nevertheless, instead of being just another arcade-style sports romp through the ranks, Super Tennis from Ultimate Games SA attempts to give gamers a slightly different challenge with timed button prompts in order to execute successful swings. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

It’s interesting that the YouTube video is titled “Super Tap Tenis” but the game is called Super Tennis.

The game is pretty tiny, though, clocking in at just 121MB.

Unfortunately it’s also just a single-player title, so there’s no luck in being able to play against a buddy in local multiplayer or online against rivals from around the world via the Nintendo Network. You can pick up a digital copy of Super Tennis for just $5.99 from over on the Nintendo eShop.

Next up is Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator, which is also available from Ultimate Games for the Nintendo Switch.

The game is as much about completing various career challenges themed around repairing motorcycles as it is learning about how various tools and engine parts work, as well as some of the ways in which you can repair parts to get a motorcycle working again.

You’ll dive deep into the engineering mechanics of a motorcycle, learning about gear housings, alternators, steering rods as more.

Each part affects the performance and functionality of the bike, and once you get done you can take the motorcycle for a test drive on the road.

Unfortunately the driving part is probably the weakest segment of the game, as it comes across, once again, as a mobile-quality title where the object is to dodge traffic by weaving in between them across the lanes.

Pyramid Games actually seemed to want to build something worthwhile with Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator, but I really wish they put more time into the driving segments to compliment the realism and attention to detail they paid to the real life motorcycle parts and maintenance.

Anyway, if you were interested in the game it’s also available over on the Nintendo eShop for just $6.99.

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