Temtem Adds LGBT They/Them Pronouns To Character Creator


Crema’s Temtem was already outed for promoting “non-binary” options in its character creator and for having “gender neutral” options to accommodate mentally ill people who have ravaged all of our cultural norms. However, the developers have doubled down on their delivery of content to delusional degenerates by adding “They/Them” pronouns to the character creation process, all in an attempt to normalize mental illness.

There are people who need serious psychiatric help that believe that they’re neither male nor female, and that they can change their gender like the weather changes during seasonal transitions. However, Leftists keep giving these mentally disturbed people a platform to spout their nonsense and sprout their degenerate religion to everybody else, especially in the media… and that includes video games.

One such game paying lip-service to this nonsense is Crema’s Temtem, where /r/GirlGamers/ made a post highlighting how the developer doubled-down on supporting the LGBTQIA+ propaganda.

Temtem - Pronouns

[Update:] I forgot to reiterate a few things, one of which includes that this game is aimed at kids. So keep in mind that this is more of the typical subversion to weed young children into thinking it’s okay to guzzle down the sizzling poison of the alphabet soup. Also, Twitter user AniMoon Ogatari covered a few other SJW elements in Temtem, as well.

Now the typical Centrists™ will say, “It’s an original IP! Leave them alone! They’re making their own game!”

And that would be a salient point if they really were making their own games and left the rest of our games alone.

But that’s not the case is it? We all know what comes next.

  1. The crazy freaks from Reddit and Twitter will start demanding that they add They/Them pronouns to future Pokemon games, or other MMOs. Weak-willed developers will cave.
  2. The freaks and degenerates will then start demanding more games make character creators more supportive of gender neutral options. Weak-willed developers will cave.
  3. And then finally the genetic dead-ends will demand that multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Halo become more “inclusive” and “diverse” by adding more gender neutral and “non-binary” options to their character selection menus. And guess what? Weak-willed developers will cave.

We’ve been through this rodeo time and time again. Remember when they said they weren’t taking our games away? And then the taste police at Valve and Sony literally started taking our games away. Remember when the Centrists™ said adding more female characters wasn’t bad and there was nothing wrong with female protagonists? And then they started replacing male leads in popular action games like Gears of War and Wolfenstein. It’s not going to end there either.

At this point I’m just repeating myself, but no one can say we didn’t warn you, because we’ve tried many times before but no one listened then and they certainly aren’t going to listen now.

(Thanks for the news tip Franbunny AliceViera)

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