TT Isle Of Man 2 Video With Julien Toniutti Discusses Improvements For Sequel

TT Isle of Man 2

Bigben Interactive has been on a roll lately with pumping out a lot of different videos in a short order of time for various upcoming games. Recently they just dropped a video for the upcoming hill-climbing racing title, Overpass, and that was followed by a new minute and a half long video clip of an interview with the French professional racer, Julien Toniutti.

The video isn’t very long, but Toniutti quickly covers how he’s been racing professional for over a decade, since his late 20s, and shares his experience how realistic TT Isle of Man 2 is when it comes to capturing the bends, the speed, and the essence of the challenging race along the Irish Sea island.

You can check out the video below.

Unfortunately the video aspect ratio is really odd so you can’t see much of the game, but what little we do get to see almost looks photorealistic based on the way it was captured and implemented into the video package with Toniutti.

For a minute I thought I was watching actual footage from the real Isle of Man race. What gave it away that it was the game was that at the 40 second mark there’s a frame transition from the lean into the hang-off position where you can see the knee extends somewhat unnaturally compared to how a real human would, given that kinetic rig for the rider’s knee in the game was flagged to extend deep into the turn.

But that’s not something you would regularly notice while playing due to the position of the camera and your focus on the actual race. Even still, it’s a testament to Kylotonn Racing’s ability to achieve such a high level of fidelity for TT Isle of Man 2 on current generation hardware.

The game is being made in collaboration with professional racers, so maybe that helps a ton, too, eh?

You can look for TT Isle of Man 2 to launch on March 19th, 2020 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. According to the YouTube description for the latest video, the Nintendo Switch port will arrive at a later date. For more info feel free to visit the official TT Isle of Man 2 Facebook page.

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