Walking Simulators Are Discounted By 90% Off On GOG
The Park

I don’t play walking simulators. I don’t particularly like walking simulators. Only occasionally will we do walkthroughs for some walking simulators because sometimes they have puzzles, or locked doors, or inaccessible rooms, or areas and people may need a bit of help progressing through the game, but otherwise walking sims are really not my cup of tea. However, if for some reason you really do have a soft spot in that red squishy liquid factory you call a heart, there’s currently a sale going on right now at GOG.com for walking simulators, which are discounted by up to 90% off the normal price.

You can check out the list over on the GOG.com promo page right now.

The sale is a limited time weekend deal, so you’ll have to act fast, assuming you want to act at all.

The games in the list consist of games that are pure walking sims like Through The Woods or The Park, as well as games that push the boundaries of the genre and are actually closer to traditional titles, such as Amnesia, Call of Cthulhu and Firewatch.

Oftentimes arguments can be made as to whether or not certain games even classify as walking simulators.

Usually there are certain people who don’t like those labels applied to games they prefer because they feel it’s a derogatory term. However, most people use it to identify the classification of gameplay (or lack thereof).

Just because a game is a walking simulator doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it usually relates to a game where interactivity is rather limited, it oftentimes doesn’t have a fail state, or there is no active action requirements or time-sensitive tension.

Of course, certain games kind of fall outside of that box, such as Observer or SOMA, where you can die, and you do have to use a lot of different interactive elements to survive, or unlock the next segment.

At the same time, I can also understand why games like that might also be categorized under walking simulators because large portions of the gameplay relies on exploring and walking around and sifting through the environment for clues or knowledge points to unlock the next segment.

Anyway, while I may not be a fan of walking simulators I do think games like Observer, SOMA, Amnesia and Layers of Fear are well worth checking out. Also, if you’re a fanatic for puzzle games, do yourself a favor and check out Obduction. That game is hard as heck and is chock full of challenging logic puzzles. If you don’t want to be inundated with propaganda, though, clearly stay far away from games like Tacoma and Gone Home.


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