Wild Life, 18+ Game New Video Shows Off Boob Bulge And Jiggle Tech

It looks like the devs behind Wild Life, an 18+ game, are pushing the boundaries when it comes to physics and other forms of tech. According to a new video, gamers and men of culture have a lot to research when it comes to Adeptus Steve’s new video that shows off boob bulge and improved jiggle tech.

You might want to pull up a seat and stay for a while in that the latest video calls for gamers and fans alike to really study the content shown regarding the new bulge and jiggle tech.

The idea behind the following video is to show fans how a test ball can detail the act of skin concaving and convexing with a spherical object. Additionally, we can see how the character’s boobs bulge over the test ball to prevent clipping and other uncanny visual effects.

Nevertheless, this is a work of art from an indie team and is a shame that tech like this isn’t being used to prevent clipping and other issues seen in big-budget titles.

Anyway, you can check out the below video to assess the tech and see if it’s in great shape or if it needs some more polishing:

“Check out what our clever coders are developing 😉
This system will improve the visual quality of animations like bubjobs and such.”

Expect Wild Life‘s physics to improve over the course of time given that the team behind the 18+ title aim to make things more complex since they have professional devs from projects like Overwatch, Kill Zone, Battleforge, The Division, and Crysis helping out.

In addition to the above, some pros that have worked on movies such as Disney’s Jungle Book, Wonder Woman, The Revenant, and Passengers are helping out too.

Lastly, you can learn more or play-test the alpha builds by becoming a Patreon member by heading on over to the game’s Patreon page.

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