Woke Canadian Broadcasting Company Going Broke

Everyone knows the legacy media is dying and now we have our first scalp for the Get Woke Go Broke Master list as the Canadian Broadcasting Company ratings have hit an all time low with revenue down year over year yet again.

True North reports the recent announcement from the CBC of how only.8% of Canadians in 2019 tuned into the State Funded broadcasting company’s broadcasts.  Yes the CBC is state funded, so while it is technically broke; it will be kept alive by the Canadian government as some unholy broke undead media monstrosity.

For perspective that means of Canada’s 37.59 million population only 300,720 people tuned in to the CBC in 2019. It goes without saying there are YouTubers who pull in more viewers in an hour than the 1.2 billion dollar state enterprise pulls in a year.

Tragically while the CBC is going broke pulling in a mere 90.9 million dollars from advertisement revenue, it is subsidized by the Canadian government to the tune of 1.2 Billion dollars yearly. Thus rendering year over year revenue decline, net yearly losses, and ratings so abysmal YouTuber’s are laughing at them a moot point. Like the BBC it will be sustained by socialist state programs rather than be allowed to properly die.

“How do we protect and defend our citizenry from this unbelievable tsunami of disinformation? In a sense we become a beacon for truth. We need the public to feel safe, that we are a beacon for that truth.” CBC’s CEO Catherine Tait to Parliament

A good marketing sentiment, but considering the innumerable amount of times the Canadian Broadcasting Company has been caught outright lying or failing to do any diligence in vetting the legitimacy of the stories it delivers it rings hollow. We need only provide two key examples to highlight the fallacious nature of these propagandists.

In 2016 it ran the false narrative of starving Syrians under siege by their government. When actual journalists got their feet on the ground in Syria the truth was of course radically different with Rebels starving local Syrians and selling them food at extreme mark ups impoverishing entire towns. Forcing residents to choose between abject poverty, which would render them easy to control or starving to death.

It should come as no surprise when these same “rebels” were later caught with Saudi Arabian chemical weapons and the international inspectors are now undergoing controversy after it was exposed how they lied about the Syrian Government being behind the chemical weapon attack when their own investigators went on record saying they determined no chemical attack occurred.

A story that now even Google buries all but the criticism of Tucker Carlson’s coverage. Yet much as in the American media none of the false narratives about the ongoing Syrian conflict received any corrections. Let alone “breaking update based on new information,” for those interested in saving face.

Last year the CBC attempted to claim 40% of Canadians experience racism. When in fact the study they were citing stated only 8% experienced racism in Canada. The same report that the CBC credited contained this pearl of unscientific wisdom.

Note about terminology. The term “race” is problematic from a number of perspectives, in part because there is no consensus on exactly what it refers to. The term is widely used in the context of relations between people from different backgrounds and physical characteristics (e.g., culture, ethnicity, religion, history and skin colour), and as a way to define segments of society facing systematic challenges (racialized people).7 In this report, the terms “race” and “race relations” are used for purposes of editorial clarity, with full acknowledgement of the limitations they entail.

Thus that 8% cited as experiencing some form of racism experienced it in the widest possible interpretation according to the studies own admission. The same study also refused to publish the sample size or questions that were asked in order to receive the conclusions it declared as fact. What is most pathetic about the entire false nature of the study is even when attempting to rig a study to show racism is prevalent they could only find very little racism.

Sadly the CBC will continue to be a socialist necromantic corpse of an organization spreading disinformation and outright propaganda to the Canadian people on their dime. To think they spend 1.2 billion to be lied to when that money could go anywhere else and be more productive. Such as Canadian pockets.