A3! Anime Production Delayed To April Due To Coronavirus

A3 Coronavirus

AnimeLab recently informed their users that the streaming of the fujo-bait anime A3! Season Spring & Summer will be delayed to April. The anime is one of many media projects that have been affected by the virus, with the Nintendo Switch port of The Outer Worlds being one of the other higher profile outings that were recently impacted by the outbreak.

AnimeLab sent out the tweet on February 16th, 2020 informing residents of New Zealand and Australia.

They were actually a couple of days behind the reports that were sent out on February 14th, 2020 by Anime News Network, which confirmed that the anime was delayed via the official website.

A tweet was also sent out on February 13th, 2020 by the official A3! anime account informing followers that due to production management issues and the coronovirus the anime would be delayed.

The show originally premiered back on January 13th, 2020 and was supposed to run up through March, 2020, but now it apparently won’t be returning until April.

A3! Season Spring & Summer is supposed to be the first half of the season, with the second season, titled A3! Season Autumn & Winter, originally scheduled to run from July to September.

It’s not clarified if the second half of the season will be affected, but it’s highly likely that it will.

The Coronavirus managed to spread from China to international regions, mostly due to slow government response and irresponsible reporting from the media, which persists up to this very day. In fact, mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post are more concerned with smearing Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton rather than informing the general public about the facts.

Cotton had to waste time out of his day to correct the Washington Post’s misinformation – misinformation that Twitter supposedly claimed they were going to censor as part of their new “Platform Manipulation” enforcement, but so far they’ve allowed Left-wing propagandists to misuse the platform with fake news while punishing outlets like Zero Hedge.

China’s lack of proper security protocol managed to allow innumerable amounts of people to get infected, including tourists visiting China and Chinese residents who unknowingly became infected and visited neighboring countries, such as Japan.

As noted in a report by Omaha, Nebraska outlet, KETV, American citizens on a cruise ship that had traveled to the shores of Japan became infected with Coronavirus and now some of them are being flown back to the United States for treatment.

According to NBC News, 14 of the infected passengers on the now quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship were American. More than 300 of the passengers hailed from the United States and were flown back home on two specially chartered flights after it was discovered that the ship contained infected passengers.

Japan is also taking cautionary measures to limit the spread of foreigners in the region in order to reduce further spread of the virus, as reported by The New York Times.

The media is also playing fast and loose with the numbers, with some reporting confirmed death tolls at 1,750 while others report 1,800. They also put the number of confirmed cases in China at around 70,635.

Only a few outlets seem to be addressing the elephant in the room regarding the virus, but it’s mostly independent outlets doing so such as China Uncensored.

According to Yahoo! News, China has begun disinfecting physical currency that comes from possibly high-risk areas such as hospitals, using ultraviolet light or high temperatures.

The report states that the money is then kept isolated for up to two weeks before being put back into market circulation.

Due to the media’s immoral reportage, more people, places, and productions are being affected by the coronavirus than if it had been treated with the seriousness that it deserved from the start.

Expect Centrists™ to continue to defend the media’s attempt to start a viral genocide by misinforming people with their guileful canards.

This is the new normal for Clown World.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)