Birds Of Prey Opening Weekend Points To Get Woke, Go Broke Scenario
Birds of Prey

It was rumored ahead of its release that Birds of Prey was on the fast track of going broke after getting woke. Pre-sale tickets were down and estimates for the previews weren’t looking good, but some media outlets tried to play it off as if it was all fine and dandy… even when it wasn’t. Well, now there’s proof that the movie is on the fast track to making it onto the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

According to a report from Variety, Birds of Prey‘s Thursday preview only tallied just $4 million in Thursday previews, a massive discrepancy between its predecessor, Suicide Squad, whose Thursday previews totaled $20.5 million, and went on to earn $60 million that Friday, as covered by The Hollywood Reporter.

The woke marketing campaign leading up to the release of the film didn’t help any, with Margot Robbie being made to look ugly and unattractive compared to how she was portrayed in Suicide Squad and Ewan McGregor constantly going on about how feminist the film was and how gay his portrayal of Black Mask was, it was bound to reflect in the box office numbers, as pointed out by YellowFlash.

Birds of Prey completely flopped out of the gate. Following the piss-poor $4 million showing on Thursday, the movie went on to under-perform on Friday with just $13 million. That’s $32 million less than what Warner Bros., had estimated for the film, and $42 million less than the $55 million that some analysts had estimated. However, Deadline is reporting that the entire weekend overhaul for Birds of Prey is expected to gross around $33.8 million, still nearly $10 million shy of Warner Bros’ expectations.

Now, to be fair, the comparison with Suicide Squad isn’t quite on even ground given that Birds of Prey is rated ‘R’ and Suicide Squad hobbled by with a PG-13 rating. So obviously, there would have to be compensations for that.

However, to keep being fair, Deadpool 2 did manage a startling $18 million in Thursday previews, as reported by Variety. So we can’t just throw out the tally for Birds of Prey on the excuse that ‘R’ rated films perform worse than PG-13 films given that Deadpool 2 nearly racked in the same amount as Suicide Squad in Thursday previews.

If the trend continues throughout the weekend then we could be seeing Birds of Prey making a quick trip on a short road to the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

If the Friday numbers are anything to go by, then it won’t be long before it secures a prime spot on the greatest list on the internet.

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