Blade Devil Pre-Launch Sign-Ups Go Live On IndieGoGo

Blade Devil

Mainstream comic books have been dying for some time, catering almost solely to people who don’t even read comic books. Marvel and DC are in a race to the bottom by focusing on Social Justice nonsense and degeneracy instead of giving comic book readers what they want. Well, #ComicsGate has produced a number of artists, writers and creators who have taken advantage of the fan disgruntlement with mainstream and have begun producing more original works that are creating all kinds of excitement, one of which includes the upcoming Blade Devil from popular content creator Raging Golden Eagle.

Full disclosure I follow Raging Golden Eagle on social media and he’s mentioned One Angry Gamer a few times in his videos. However, recently he’s focused on promoting the upcoming IndieGoGo campaign for his new comic book, Blade Devil.

He tweeted out that pre-launch sign-ups are currently live.

There’s no maze to go through to reach the link. Simply visit the official IndieGoGo page and register with your e-mail address.

You’ll be notified when the comic’s crowdfunding campaign gets underway, and then you can begin to contribute to bringing the comic to life.

Blade Devil is not for the faint of heart, though. It’s ripe with the sort of content you won’t find in any of the mainstream comics. As described on the IndieGoGo page…

“For the longest time, western media has focused more on pushing an agenda than giving customers a product they would actually want to spend money on. We plan to fix that. All the action and fanservice you’ve been missing, crammed into one book!”

Various other #ComicsGate projects have also been crowdfunded to great success, including Cyberfrog and Jawbreakers.

You can also follow the progress of Blade Devil’s development by keeping track of announcements and news made by the Sick Fox Studios Twitter account.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre)