Blood Will Be Spilled, Platforming Tactical-Strategy Game Heads To Nintendo Switch Feb 20th

Blood Will be Spilled

Slovakian-based indie outfit Doublequote Studio and Czech-based Attu Games have announced that the tactical turn-based strategy game, Blood Will Be Spilled, is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch starting February 20th, 2020.

The game’s announcement was accompanied by a launch trailer, highlighting how players will take on the role of a mosquito bounty hunter name Jack, who is out for revenge in a harsh world themed around the Wild West.

Things turn south for Jack real quick, however, and he’s forced to ally with other insects to even the odds and hunt down the Calaveras gang.

You can get an idea of how this mixed-genre platforming strategy game looks in action running on the Nintendo Switch with the launch trailer below.

I have to give it to the devs for at least trying something new.

Being able to platform and then engage in side-scrolling turn-based mechanics seems pretty inventive in my book.

Unfortunately the game’s initial release on PC was plagued with bugs and game-breaking glitches that weren’t readily addressed by the developers, thus resulting in the game ending up with a “Mixed” rating among gamers, and many absquatulating before anything was properly fixed.

Unfortunately that’s the community nature for most indie titles, which is why first impressions mean everything.

Doublequote has a second opportunity at a first-impression for home console gamers with Blood Will Be Spilled on the Nintendo Switch. They’ve contracted the Czech Republic-based indie studio Attu Games to help out with the porting efforts, so maybe things will turn out differently this time.

Hopefully they took all of the Steam feedback to heart, fixed up the game right proper, and will have a solid release on Switch when the time comes on February 20th, 2020. You can look to purchase the game for $14.99 from the Nintendo of America eShop or for €14.49 from the Nintendo of Europe eShop.

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