Chinese Companies Ban My Hero Academia Anime, Manga

My Hero Academia

Reports are surfacing that My Hero Academia‘s anime and manga have been banned over in the mainland of China. This comes after a row on social media condemning Shonen Jump Weekly and the creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horiskohi, for naming a villain character “Maruta Shiga”.

According to Nicchiban, various news outlets are reporting that My Hero Academia has been banned in mainland China following the apology and censorship promise from Weekly Shonen Jump over the use of the name “Maruta Shiga”.

That, however, wasn’t enough to appease the censors in the PRC, and so the manga and the anime were reportedly removed from platforms owned and operated by Tencent and Bilibili.

Even more than that, the complaints and calls for censorship from Social Justice Warriors hasn’t ceased. As reported by Hero Hei on February 9th, 2020, they are now calling Horikoshi and Weekly Shonen Jump “fascists” because some of the characters share birthdays with certain historical figures.

Don’t expect this to be the end of this particular saga involving My Hero Academia.

As we’ve always said here at One Angry Gamer: Never apologize.

The reality of the situation is that once you give them an inch they will take the entire region.

SJWs always smell blood in the water, and an apology is the equivalent of running a serrated blade across the palm of your hand in shark infested waters.

They will not stop. They cannot be reasoned with. They feel no pity, no pain, no remorse.

Your best bet is to stare straight ahead into the sunset of destiny and slam on the accelerator, because slowing down to give yield to SJWs will only result in ruination and destruction, which Weekly Shonen Jump and Kohei Horikoshi are finding out firsthand.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian Evaunit02)

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