Clifford The Big Red Dog On PBS Features Married Lesbians

Clifford The Big Red Dog Lesbians

Clifford The Big Red Dog used to be a show for kids. It was a PBS project that attempted to help kids learn social and ethical skills through the (mis)adventures of Emily Elizabeth and her big red buddy, Clifford. However, the PBS and Amazon Prime reboot of the classic children program has succumbed to disruptive Left-wing propaganda.

Christian Headlines is reporting that in the episode “The Big Red Tomato/Dogbot”, Emily Elizabeth has an outdoor dinner party and invites her friend Samantha over. In turn, Samantha invites her parents, who happen to be two lesbians. Married lesbians. In a kid’s show!

Christian Headlines explained how the show tried to sneakily include the lesbians into the show without directly calling them lesbians, writing…

“The two moms are not identified within the episode, but the credits call them ‘Dr. Mulberry’ and ‘Ms. Mulberry.’ In other episodes, Samantha calls each of the women ‘Mom.’ In the episode titled “The Birdwell Island Blues/The Big Red World,” she calls Dr. Mulberry ‘Mom,’ and in “Making Lemonade Out of Lemons/The Watering Hole,” she calls Ms. Mulberry ‘Mom.’”

This caught the ire of content creator The Conservative Truth, who did a video about the degeneracy being introduced into children’s programming.

Some parents actually care about their kids being indoctrinated and have taken up activism against PBS’ agenda to foist sexually thematic content onto kids.

One Million Moms currently has a petition with over 17,000 signatures explaining why they don’t approve of their tax dollars being used to fund degenerate propaganda for kids.

They write…

“I completely disapprove of my tax dollars being used to push the LGBTQ agenda on PBS KIDS. Your attempts to indoctrinate children through shows such as Arthur, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Sesame Street are deliberate and have been noticed by my conservative family and others. Shame on PBS!”

PBS smugly responded to the complaints from right-thinking parents by dismissing their concerns about this kind of uncouth material making its way into cartoons and edutainment for kids, such as Arthur’s gay rat wedding, which became a controversial topic last year, as covered by YouTuber Jericho Green.

According to Christian Headlines, PBS’ senior director of marketing, communications, and social media for children’s media and education, Maria Vera Whelan, wrote…

““PBS Kids programs are designed to reflect the diversity of communities across the nation. We believe it is important to represent the wide array of adults in the lives of children who look to PBS Kids every day.”


LGBTQIA+ are not a “wide array” of individuals in the lives of children, they are a small array. They barely make up single digit percentages across the nation as is, much less as parental guardians of children.

A lot of them are also the result of sexual abuse in the household, as explored in the study published in the Open Psychology Journal and in a separate 2008 study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Even LGBTQIA+ activist Ellen Degeneres admitted that she was abused by her stepfather when she was younger, further acknowledging what the science already says. You can view the clip below courtesy of ET Canada.

Whalen also fails to mention that promoting this kind of lifestyle to kids is irresponsible and dangerous, especially considering that AIDS among gay men is exorbitantly high, despite making up less than 2% of the population. In fact, according to the CDC [via Life Site News] gay men account for 55% of AIDS, showing that they have an extremely high rate of STDs per capita compared to the rest of the nation.

This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact.

Speaking of facts, those in the LGBTQIA+ are more likely to abuse drugs and other substances. According to the CDC, they explain…

“For some gay and bisexual men, alcohol and illegal drug use, especially methamphetamines (meth), amyl nitrates (poppers), and drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction (when a man has a hard time keeping an erection during sex), also contribute to a higher chance of getting HIV and other STDs. Persons using drugs or alcohol may also raise their chances of getting HIV or giving it to others by getting involved in more risky sexual practices and behaviors or through sharing needles or other injection equipment.”

Since men aren’t biologically designed to have sex with other men, they need drugs to help supplement the lack of natural attraction to the same gender.

This is why substance abuse is so high in the gay capital of America, San Francisco.

In fact, drugs are so out of control there that the streets are lined with “needles and human feces”, according to a report from Newsweek.

As noted in the Newsweek report…

“The health implications of the mounting trash are stark. Discarded needles may be contaminated with diseases like Hepatitis B and C and HIV, infectious disease scientist Lee Riley told NBC Bay Area back in February. Dried feces, he added, can release viruses into the air.”

The litter of needles is also prevalent even on the trains in San Francisco, where train conductors have to warn passengers about the dangers of stray needles, as reported by Fox News.

Yet PBS is trying to lure kids into thinking this kind of dangerous, expensive, drug-laden lifestyle is normal?

Will they also inform kids that lesbian relationships nearly double hetero relationships when it comes to domestic abuse? You probably didn’t know that because the Bunghole Bolsheviks don’t want you to know the facts, however you can check out the statistics courtesy of the Home Office Statistical Bulletin.

Those are the kind of facts that Centrists will conveniently skip over in order to try to get normal people to subject their kids to degeneracy and further destroy the infrastructure of the nuclear family. Anyone who doesn’t subject their kids to degeneracy will also be considered a “bigot”.

They basically want your kid to devolve into a drug-addicted, abuse-inflicted, disease-ridden parasite. If you’re a normal-minded parent, you need to seriously ask yourself… “Why?”

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