Cliffy B Regrets Making Lawbreakers Get Woke And Go Broke

Lawbreakers Broke

After a storm it usually gives people time to reflect on what’s most important to them. When they see the wreckage and devastation of their material possessions laid waste by mother nature, they can’t help but think about what they could have, should have, or might have done to help preserve their belongings. This is where Cliff Bleszinski resides in his career; reflecting on having used his stature and access to media to broadcast how woke Boss Key’s first and last fully shipped title was, and how it ultimately caused the company to go broke and snag a spot on the master list.

Gamespot picked up the news from an Instagram post made by Cliffy B on February 4th, 2020.

In the post the Cliffster writes…

“Ever since the studio closed I’ve been wracking my brain what I could have done differently. Pivot HARD when the juggernaut of Overwatch was announced. Been less nice with my design ideas and more of a dictator with them.


“One big epiphany I had was that I pushed my own personal political beliefs in a world that was increasingly divided.


“Instead of the story being “this game looks neat” it became “this is the game with the ‘woke bro’ trying to push his hackey politics on us with gender neutral bathrooms.” Instead of “these characters seem fun” it was “this is the studio with the CEO who refuses to make his female characters sexier.” Instead of “who am I going to choose” it became “white dude shoehorns diversity in his game and then smells his own smug farts in interviews” instead of just letting the product … speak for itself.


“It’s okay to be political when your company or studio is established for great product FIRST. But we were unproven and I regret doing it. (This will be quite the doozy of a chapter in the upcoming memoir.)”

Actually, it’s not okay to be political when your company gets big.

Ruining the legacy of established franchises to subvert people with the creator’s degenerate political beliefs will only tarnish that legacy and cause your paying customers to go elsewhere. Look at what’s happening right now with the consumer exodus of the Gears of War franchise after The Coalition decided to get political. Or look at the turmoil currently brewing in the Halo community because 343 Industries decided to get political.

Heck, look at all of the victims on the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List to see prime examples of how NOT to run a business, gaming or otherwise.

What Cliffy B needs to do is take some time off, stop listening to the freaks on Twitter and Instagram, stop giving the media any attention, and go back to understanding his inner dudebro. He needs to watch some movies from the 1980s. Play some games from the 1990s. Embrace HKIII cinema. Read some masculine mangas. Watch some gory anime like Violence Jack or Mad Bull 34, and then sit down, write out a testosterone-laden story starring two musclebound heroes, a damsel in distress, and an utterly despicable villain, and then slap some UE4 sheen on it and make it a co-op shooter and call it a day.

That’s an instant $100 million game out of the gate, even with a grassroots marketing campaign. Heck, that’s exactly how Kingdom Come: Deliverance made bank. A real game for real gamers.

Abandon that SJW mentality. Stop being woke, nobody with a sane mind likes it. Get back to your roots. Make a game for gamers willing to pay for it.

If you build it, they will buy it. Believe it.

Otherwise, there’s another hard lesson in store for the future…

Get Woke, Go Broke.

(Thanks for the news tip WhiteGuitarBoy)

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