Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story, 2D Adult Game Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Do you want to save a blonde bombshell from danger? Are you in the mood to take control of a busty heroine in a 2D adventure setting? If so, it looks like you’re one step closer to making that dream a reality given that Secret Stash Studios has funded the Kickstarter run for the adult game Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story.

The upcoming game that features copious amounts of nudity has been funded. That means the pledged goal of $22,000 has been met with backers offering up $26,619.

With that said, the dev RyanC took to the update section on Kickstarter to explain what’s next:

“The game has reached its funding goal, and even the first stretch goal (as of yesterday) so I can finally upgrade to a professional quality drawing tablet for production.


Tomorrow morning at 8am EST the numbers will be final and the campaign ends.”

Strangely, though, the $26,619 isn’t enough it seems given that the dev will start an Indiegogo campaign:

“A second round of funding is also going to be taking place on Indiegogo with a flexible funding target to try and reach some of the higher stretch goals. More funding means a bigger, better game! :)”

Moreover, the dev behind Secret Stash Studios will resume the comic adventures on Secret Stash Gumroad now that the Kickstarter campaign has ended:

“Now that things are rolling along nicely again, comics are going back into production at a faster pace on the Secret Stash Gumroad and Patreon. Keep a close watch and have a nice day!”

As for the game running on Unity, here’s a look at the original Kickstarter pitch video detailing what Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story has to offer:

In other words, if you would like to see Ayla’s story unfold through a video game instead of a comic, know that the story behind this game sees Ayla trying to become an apprentice, one that serves under the village’s sorceress.

Ayla must first prove her worth by completing a rite of passage by traveling to dangerous places, bringing back pieces of lost arts to begin unlocking her magical abilities.

The PC title will feature platforming action as well as traditional 2D animations, which means every frame is hand-drawn and then digitally colored — reflecting the methods used in old school animation.

Lastly, the game’s budget includes two levels. However, the full story is planned to unfold over at least ten levels, with more potential levels being introduced with side quests much later.

You can learn more about this game by heading on over Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story Kickstarter page.