Dead or Alive 6 Removes Phase 4’s Sexy Arnice Demon Transformation

Dead or Alive 6 Arnice Censorship

The new collaborative DLC release for Dead or Alive 6 featuring outfits from Atelier Ryza and Gust’s other properties is set to go live as part of update 1.20 on February 25th. However, the DLC will not include Phase 4’s ability to transform into her sexy demon form.

The DOA6 Portal account revealed that the Gust mashup will include 16 outfits from the Atelier games, particularly Atelier Ryza. One user asked if Arnice’s two-in-one transformation would be making a return from previous Dead or Alive games, but they stated that the transformation would not be present as part of the DLC mashup.

The news did not go over well with gamers at all, especially modder Gatto Tom, who responded by noting that he had foreseen this unfortunate outcome and had already ported over Phase 4’s Arnice demon transformation into Dead or Alive 6 back in September of 2019.

If you’re unable to view the tweet or watch the video in the tweet, you can view the uploaded video on YouTube below.

As you can see, the outfit strips Phase 4 down to nothing but small patches of demon protrusions around her arms and legs, while her entire midriff, thighs, and most of her arms are bare, while her pubic region and breast have small coverings.

As noted by Sankaku Complex, the DLC will also include hair color change functions on PS4, as well as additional bug fixes.

Adding in costumes from Atelier Ryza could have increased the game’s appeal, but keeping the censorship train rolling in Dead or Alive 6 – especially coming off of Rachel’s rather obvious full bodysuit censorship, won’t be doing them any favors.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02 and Richard Pell)