Dead Or Alive 6 Will Add Tamaki From Dead Or Alive: Venus Vacation

Dead or Alive 6 Tamaki

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja sent out word that the air force blue-haired beauty from Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation will be making her way to Dead or Alive 6 very soon. Her outfits and fighting style weren’t revealed, but given Team Ninja’s current track record with butchering so many characters and their outfits to accommodate the censorship community, I wouldn’t hold my breath for something spectacular for the curvaceous cutie.

The reveal that Dead or Alive 6 would be receiving Tamaki as a playable character came via a tweet made by the official Dead or Alive account on February 25th, 2020. As mentioned, her fighting style and outfits weren’t revealed, but they did confirm that anyone who purchased season pass 4 would gain access to Tamaki.

The 23 second teaser is basically all about leering on the important parts of Tamaki… her boobs and butt.

She’s decked out in a fetching strung-together two-piece with a diamond cutout around the lower back.

As is typical of the Twitter crowd – since most sane people have been banned or suspended – there are a peons asking that her attire not consist of a catalog of bikinis or swimsuits.

This is the state of social media; normal red-blooded men are far and few between.

The addition of Tamaki, however, is an obvious ploy from Team Ninja to lure in people from DMM’s Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation, which has a much higher player retention rate than Dead or Alive 6, as evident with the Steam Chart comparison.

Even though former game director Yohei Shimbori said that they wouldn’t be adding any of the female characters from Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation last year, as reported by DualShockers, apparently they recognized that the dying fighter will need some sort of injection of interest in order to gain or maintain some capacity to profit.

It’s going to be hard luring in the fan-service crowd when Team Ninja is so dedicated to censoring all the risque outfits in an attempt to get back into the good graces of the e-sports community. The funny thing is that all of the censorship and scaling back of fan-service didn’t help them any and the game was still skipped over for both EVO 2019 and EVO 2020. Funnily enough, the games that didn’t skimp on fan-service, SoulCalibur VI and Samarai Shodown, both made the cut at EVO.

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