Funimation Catches Flak For Altering Joke In Bofuri Anime Dub


The animated show Bofuri: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense is being syndicated on Funimation with English dubbing. In episode 2 there was a joke in the Japanese version involving word-flubbing by the main character in a post-match interview that had some inference to innuendo, which was altered in the Funimation dub, causing some people to criticize the company for altering the joke.

Bounding Into Comics did a quick write-up on the event based on a scene comparison from Twitter user Cozy Gamer Gimp.

In the episode, the main character Maple manages to come out on top and is being interviewed in a post-match segment to talk about her third-place finish. Being shy and embarrassed, Maple stumbles through the line. In the Japanese version she apparently makes mention about being glad for being able to endure so much, to which she gets embarrassed because it comes off as somewhat sexual.

In the Funimation dub, Maple mistakenly says “hoppy” instead of “happy”, and the scene plays out that the audience is confused as to why she said “hoppy” instead of “happy”. Maple’s visual expressions certainly don’t match up with such a simple mistake, which makes the scene play out more awkwardly and befuddling in the dub compared to the sub.

You can view the scene below.

Now before jumping on Funimation, there were some discrepancies about the accuracy of the subs for the Japanese version, with some claiming that the explicit innuendo was added by the sub group and that the original Japanese version was far more subtle about any inferred double entrendes.

The thing is, it’s quite apparent that the Funimation dub certainly took more liberties with altering the intent of the post-match interview than the sub-group did, since the sub-group attempted to make an American reference out of a line that’s typically used as a form of innuendo in Japan.

Even still, the best option for getting the most accurate depiction of the creator’s intent is just to learn Japanese and watch the original in the language that it was always intended for.

(Thanks for the news tip Master Nemesis)