Interspecies Reviewers Cancelled On Sun TV

Interspecies Reviewers

Yet another channel has dropped the ecchi-comedy from Kadokawa, Interspecies Reviewers, oftentimes referred to on streaming services as Isyuzoku Reviewers. This time around it’s the broadcasting channel Sun TV, which has reportedly dropped the show from their line-up.

The news comes courtesy of the official Interspecies Reviewers Twitter account, which announced on February 18th, 2020 that the show had been cancelled on Sun TV.

The tweet states…

“Interspecies Reviewers: The broadcast on Sun Television has been cancelled for the animated show, Interspecies Reviewers. Due to public corporation Sun Television’s organization circumstances, from here on the broadcasting arrangements for Interspecies Reviewers has been discontinued.”

The message about the Sun TV cancellation came courtesy of the Interspecies Reviewers production committee, who relayed the news to the public via the official Twitter account.

This now means that the show has been cancelled by Funimation, Tokyo MX, and now Sun TV. The real blow for the show, however, was Funimation dropping the series because every other service that had licensed the show for syndication through Funimation also lost the show, which included Amazon Prime, among others.

Funimation’s reason for dropping the show was rather sparse and banal, with the company simply stating that it didn’t match their “standards”, whatever those are. However, it was a huge blow to the show — even if they were only streaming the censored version — because it cut it off from a rather large audience who was using Funimation to watch the show.

To make matters worse, converged outfits like MyAnimeList implemented an overhauled review and rating system to prevent Interspecies Reviewers from being featured in the top anime list, and even proceeded to ban and censor users who complained about the censorship.

With more and more broadcasting and streaming outlets dropping the show, they’ll likely have to rely heavily on physical packaged sales to compensate for losing support from distributors licensing the show.

(Thanks for the news tip Master Nemesis)

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