Interspecies Reviewers Still Available On AnimeLab
AnimeLab Interspecies Reviewers

After Funimation showed their true colors, being against ecchi content and fan-service directed towards straight males, AnimeLab slipped in to recover the fumble from the furtive outfit that seems to be about anything but fun.

On February 1st, 2020 AnimeLanounced that they would keep streaming Interspecies Reviewers, also known as Ishuzoku Reviewers. The announcement came via their official Twitter account.

AnimeLab was quick to jump on the opportunity with the announcement after Funimation dropped the ball bad by canceling the series during the middle of airing it. They had already paid for the license and the dubbing, and had featured Interspecies Reviewers on their site, just until they realized that it was a comedy that appealed to straight males, and then magically they claimed that it “didn’t meet their standards” so they pulled it. They didn’t even bother to run the censored version of the anime, they just nuked it altogether.

It’s not unlike what Valve has been doing with a lot of anime-themed games, which they’ve been outright banning, thus readily expanding the Waifu Holocaust banned game list.

Now if you’re worried about AnimeLab turning on weebs and otaku and pulling a Funimation, they seem to recognize that some anime aren’t for kids and that it’s okay to like anime titty.

Ah, weebs after my own heart.

If you’re interested in giving AnimeLab a shot, they have a free trial available over on their official website.

You can give it a look and see if they’re worth supporting.

[Update:] We’ve been informed that AnimeLab region locks their content so it’s only accessible for New Zealand and Australian visitors, so you may need a VPN if you plan on accessing the site outside of those regions.

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