Interspecies Reviewers Picked Up By Gifu Broadcasting In Japan

Interspecies Reviewers

There’s been a string of bad luck for the production committee over Interspecies Reviewers, losing some key market spread from Sun TV, Tokyo MX, and every syndicated network that streamed the dubbed version from Funimation after the latter abruptly cancelled the show. Well, now Interspecies Reviews (known as Isyuzoku Reviewers in Japan) has been picked up by the Japanese channel Gifu Broadcasting System.

Crunchyroll (of all places) picked up the news from a tweet made by the official Twitter account for Interspecies Reviewers, which rolled out the news in the early morning of February 26th, 2020. A good way to get the day started, no doubt.

As mentioned in the tweet, the Gifu Broadcasting Corporation will be begin airing episodes of Interspecies Reviewers on February 28th.

The series will run up through April 3rd, airing 12 episodes.

There’s a complete breakdown over on the official website when the show will air and at what times on each network, including AT-X, KBS, and BS11, along with the partnered streaming networks.

In a way this good news for the ecchi-themed show, which has been receiving a lot of opposition from pro-censorship groups, such as My Anime List.

After Funimation and other pulled the show, fans attempted to rally support by giving it high ratings on anime listing services. However, the moderators at My Anime List called it brigading and instead of letting fans voice their opinion, they began instituting censorship and bans on anyone who didn’t agree with their rules to undercut the popularity of Interspecies Reviewers.

The show is at least getting picked up again in Japan. If some more streaming services could grab it as well it could end up growing enough to make it a big enough success to keep the production company employed and more seasons rolling out.

(Thanks for the news tip Master Nemesis and VersedGamer)

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