#KickVic Harassers Defame Kitchener Comic Con For Inviting Vic Mignogna

Kitchener Con

Vic Mignogna has a far kinder soul than most people on the face of the planet. The actor has endured an entire year’s worth of libel, slander, defamation, and unsubstantiated accusations that have cost him several jobs and appearances at some anime conventions. Fans, however, have stuck by his side in the face of the attempts from Cancel Culture cultists to deplatform and remove him from the anime industry. In fact, it was the rallying cry and swelled positivity from fans that convinced Kitchener Con in Canada to invite the voice actor to their convention, and they received a substantial amount of harassment and defamation for their actions.

NyanNet picked up the news after an e-mail spat turned into a social media campaign from the #KickVic group to not only deplatform Mignogna, but also to badmouth Kitchener Comic Con.

NyanNet posted up screenshots of the e-mail exchange between a cosplayer and the Kitchener Con organizers, where the cosplayer accused the con of being responsible for “17 cases of assault, harassment, and abuse” and that them inviting Vic Mignogna was the “cherry on top”.

In the e-mail exchange, Kitchener Con shut down the accusations and hinted at retaliation, writing…

“There has been 0 cases of assault, harassment, or abuse and I would caution against using that strong verbage. Once again, please provide any evidence of such things – such as police reports, court documents, etc, and I will happily retract my statement.


“If you continue to perpetuate these types of rumors, I do want to caution that it is defamatory and we will proceed accordingly. We have attempted to be professional with you, and have only been met with hostility. If that is how you’d like to proceed, that is up to you. Please take some time to consider your actions, moving forward.”

Incensed about being called out on the falsehoods, the cosplayer responded with the following…

“Ya’ll can go to hell.”

This then resulted in the #KickVic group to take to Twitter to further badmouth Mignogna and Kitchener Con.

YouTuber Hero Hei also covered the news

Now the good news is that Kitchener Con did not give in to the demands of the #KickVic crowd. Quite the contrary, they actually held their ground and posted the legendary Captain America quote about rooting oneself in the truth like a tree by the river.

That is one of the most respectable things I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s nice to see that some people still value the integrity of truth and exercise a measure of fortitude we don’t often see when people are faced with an onslaught of harassment and defamation from the Regressive Left.

Even fans were quick to praise Kitchener Con for not giving in to the demands of the crazies.

This isn’t the first time that the #KickVic group has gone to some lengths to disrupt the appearance of Mignogna at a convention. The Con-Munnity convention was trashed by some #KickVic perps last year because they invited Mignogna to the convention.

This is typical behavior of the cultists who worship the religion of Cancel Culture.

If they don’t get their way they defame, libel, or physically attack those who are labeled as their ideological opponents.

Moreover, you would like to attend Kitchener Comic Con, the event is set to take place between February 29th and March 1st, 2020 in Canada.

For more information or to register for tickets, feel free to visit the official Kitchener Comic Con website.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Ham)

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