Kitchener Con Details Years of Harassment From SJWs

Kitchener Con

Kitchener Con made headlines recently for inviting popular voice actor Vic Mignogna to their convention. This resulted in the #KickVic crowd to slither out from the between the slimy moss of their mud-covered huts in the stench-ridden groves of social media to lob falsehoods and defamation at the convention organizers. Instead of bending the knee to the whims of the Social Justice Warriors that make up the remnants of #KickVic, they stood their ground and held true to their beliefs.

That’s a very rare thing to happen these days.

Oftentimes organizers, managers, or chief executives issue a public apology to deranged lunatics simply for running the company the way it should be ran. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, erasing any boundaries on borders or nationality: Hallmark, Shonen Jump Weekly, the Caliber developers,, CD Projekt Red and Chucklefish are just a few of many who have bent the knee recently to the Intersectional Inquisition and the cultists of Cancel Culture.

So what made Kitchener Con’s situation different?

In a brief e-mail exchange with Cress H., the director of communications at Kitchener Comic Con, it was explained that these sort of attacks have been occurring for years, with Cress writing…

“We’ve been enduring attacks against our convention (albeit nothing to this scale) for years, because of groups of entitled individuals who were mad that we didn’t do things their way. Each year we succeeded a little more and a little more, despite having calls to boycott and destroy us annually – in exchange for sacrificing a little bit of what we had planned.


“After we lost a team member last year, he lost his battle with depression after being bullied into submission, we wanted to dedicate the convention in his memory. We held a cosplay contest in his honor, and the portion of the entry fees that weren’t in the winner’s prize pool we donated to mental health charity. That event almost didn’t get off the ground because the same lunatic cancel culture that attacks Vic, and countless others. I personally spent my first 8 hours of the convention fielding questions about a stupid reddit thread to every news media outlet, instead of being able to be with Lee’s family who came to the convention (his sister wearing his cosplay, so he could be there in spirit)

This is typical behavior from these groups. They pummel, and pummel, and pummel until they pummel you into submission.

Most companies fold because they just don’t want to deal with that level of harassment. This is always why the Overton Window keeps shifting Left. Every time someone gives up an inch to these people, the notch moves over just a little bit more.

Kitchener Con wasn’t willing to give in, though, nor were they willing to allow their morality to be tilled by the harvesters of deceit.

In the e-mail Cress explains that once they were able to see through the canards of the media, the team decided to reach out to Vic Mignogna and invite him to the convention…

“We vowed that enough was enough, that we were going to find a way to break through and when I heard what had happened to Vic way back when it came out in the i09 article, I followed everything. Did all the research, listened to all the takes, watched all the videos I could and everything described a situation similar to ours – people trying to cancel him because they wanted what he had. They wanted him out of the way so they could capitalize on his successes. And I was resolved to help him in any way we could. I watched as he went to conventions over the year, reached out to him to ask if he was interested in our convention and he was incredibly kind and preached his desire only to see and meet his fans.


“We took a team vote, and it was unanimous that we were going to back Vic and that THIS would be the hill we would die on. “

And it’s a right proper hill to die on at that.

Standing against defamation and libel is a very honorable thing.

People lobbing falsehoods at Mignogna and anyone who supports him in an attempt to get them deplatformed is a deplorable act; an act that sadly has been met with very little recourse or resolve, and many blockades in a corrupt judicial system.

For the Kitchener Con crew, they knew what had to be done and have stood by that decision ever since, with Cress writing…

“We had the people asking for him, begging for people to support him. We knew what the backlash would entail, and we locked him in to our event. Spent a couple months planning the release (knowing the longevity of hype in our region) and prepared.


“Lee was always a proponent for giving back, he was incredibly generous and kind. He was logical and I know if he was still around, he would have been excited to have Vic at the show, as they’re both huge Back to the Future fans. So, we wanted to do this for the fans, for Vic and for Lee. Because I know in my heart, he is out there looking after us and helping us keep strong.”

Their conviction was quite evident based on the social media feed where instead of responding to every attack from Social Justice Warriors and the amoral brigands from the #KickVic crowd, they instead posted up a tweet with a quote from Captain America.

Needless to say, the tweet resonated strongly with fans, and the Kitchener Con crew were gifted heaps of praise and support from those who understood exactly what they were going through.

Cress made it known that the quote from Captain America spoke loudly to them and fit the situation perfectly given that they did nothing wrong by inviting Mignogna to their convention…

“So, that’s why that Captain America quote speaks so loudly for us. It was a quote that I leaned on before, it was something we’re adopting as our identity and if it means that we’re the event to start the chain moving… we did it in the name of inclusivity, and it’d be because Lee inspired us to be better. I know this has gone a little bit longer than I had thought! But, we’re dug in deep. To steal another pop culture reference, ‘We’re not ****ing leaving. The show goes on.’


“It’s an honor to represent fans, stand up for those who have been beaten down, and show them no matter how many times you fall – you can get right back up. <3”

Those words warm this cold, ashen heart.

The reality is that so few organizations out there actually care about the fans.

The constant and innumerable attacks from these companies against the customers that made them what they are is a sick and dystopian trend that seems to have no end. So it was a great pleasure to see a company put the fans and their requests first.

Not only that, but Kitchener stood up to the grovelers, the complainers, the harassers, and the social media terrorists who have forced so many others to kneel before them.

Kitchener Con obviously isn’t the first to push back, but they’re one of the very few to d so.

If you’re interested in attending Kitchener Con and meeting Vic Mignogna, you can learn more about the Canadian convention by visiting the official website.

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