LINDA Kickstarter Makes Triumphant Return After Being Cancelled By SJWs

LINDA Kickstarter

MiKandi Japan and PUSH! Publication announced that their collaboration with mangaka artist LINDA is still going strong and they’re back to crowdfunding the translation projects that they had originally scheduled before they were disrupted by Social Justice Warriors intent on canceling the project.

They recently headed back to Kickstarter with a $50,000 goal. They still have 24 days left on the docket but they’re already well past the halfway point, managing to accrue $29,470 as of the writing of this article.

The project includes funding for an all new manga from LINDA called Secret, which will be available in English courtesy of MiKandi Japan and PUSH! There are also plans to translate LINDA’s previous works, creating a bundle pack of classic adult-themed mangas for fans of netorare.

As mentioned on the Kickstarter page…

“This project is a compilation of the original doujin works I have made. It has been targeted for overseas readers, revised and improved, and, most importantly, translated into English. My newest work, “Secret”, which is currently being drawn, will also be included! Most of these works are being translated into English for the first time. Please take this opportunity to enjoy my works! ^^ Let’s spread some love for NTR!”

The project will include seven of LINDA’s works, ranging back to 2015.

At the $10 tier you’ll be able to select a doujin of your choice, but at the $60 tier you’ll gain access to all seven works. The $90 and up tiers will include full paperbacks of the doujins, in all their R18+ glory.

This is the second time that MiKandi Japan and PUSH! Publication have tried to get this project funded on Kickstarter, following the original campaign that was abruptly cancelled by the trust and safety staff after the project was mass reported by Social Justice Warriors.

Barely a week later, during the spring, the trio tried again by opening up an IndieGoGo Campaign.

However, Kickstarter has much higher visibility and market breadth and so they were intent on trying to get the project with as much support as possible to cover the costs of translation and creating the physical goods for backers.

Hopefully this time around they won’t be upended by any Twitter mobs or the regressives that make up the ranks of modern day Cancel Culture.

As mentioned, if you want to support the LINDA Project, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter campaign.

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