Love Live! Sunshine!! Mall Posters Removed Following Complaints From SJWs

Love Live Sunshine

The character Chika Takami from the anime Love Live! Sunshine!! was featured in a cross-promotion campaign with mandarin orange brand Nishiura Mikan, which was advertising their oranges and the Love Live! Sunshine!! crossover at the LaLaport Numazu shopping mall. However, the promotion was cut short by an entire month following online complaints from Social Justice Warriors and feminists.

Sankaku Complex is reporting that the promotion got underway on February 12th, 2020 and there was a big to-do about the multimedia crossover event. The voice actress for Takami Chika, Anju Inami, was on-hand to explain that because Chika’s favorite food is the mandarin orange it’s why she was chosen for the posters and promotion.

However, not everyone was appreciative of the custom poster artwork made for the crossover, with some feminists and Social Justice Warriors complaining that the crease in Takami-chan’s skirt appeared to make her outfit look see-through, and therefore it was sexualizing women and minors, since she’s a schoolgirl.

On February 12th, 2020, shortly after the announcement of the event, one Twitter user complained about Chika-chan’s skirt, asking why was it transparent, which garnered more than 7.4 thousand likes.

On February 14th, 2020, one Japanese Twitter user garnered more than 2.3 thousand likes complaining that men sexualize “minors” and that they were tired of boobs and buttocks being the focus of the artwork, saying that it wasn’t just limited to orange posters.

Even some Japanese YouTubers chimed in to ridicule the pelvic indentation on Takami’s skirt.

Various others also hopped in to criticize the poster as well.

Quite naturally, the outpouring of criticism against a character designed to be fetching also attracted the Social Justice vultures from the uncouth crevices of the internet that even dark web surfers attempt to avoid in order to retain what little sanity they have left.

One such individual, Unseen Japan, was further promoting and elevating the attacks against the mall and the Love Live! Sunshine!! promotion.

Keep in mind that Unseen Japan was one of the individuals also reponsible for broadcast the hatred toward the Uzaki-chan blood drive last year, which ultimately did nothing but attempt to prevent the Red Cross from saving lives.

Following all these complaints, users noticed that the Love Live! Sunshine!! Mikan Nishiura posters and promotional imagery at the LaLaport Numazu mall were removed.

In a follow-up tweet the user noted that they contacted the mall about the posters on February 16th, 2020 and were notified that the exhibition had been abruptly taken down, even though it was supposed to be on display throughout February and all the way through to the end of March.

They also noted that the official website page for the crossover promotion was removed.

It’s true. If you search through the Numazu promotions portal it lists a number of deals and discounts, but the Mikan Nishiura mandarin oranges promotion featuring Love Live! Sunshine!! and Chika Takami are nowhere to be found. The page that it used to be located on now returns a 404 error.

On February 17th, 2020 there was an update on the official LaLaport Numazu website formally announcing that they cancelled the promotion with Mikan Nishiura and the crossover involving Love Live! Sunshine!!.

Sankaku Complex translated the short message, which reads…

“Regarding the Nishiura Mikan PR panel on display, due to various circumstances, our displaying of the panel has ended as of February 16th. We are truly sorry to all Love Live Sunshine fans who were looking forward to seeing it, we appreciate your understanding.”

They don’t say exactly why the promotion was pulled abruptly, but speculation is that due to the complaints they ended the promotion early.

We saw something similar happen when the Comiket blood drive reduced the appearance of anime girls following the complaints from SJWs, which resulted in fewer people turning out to donate blood. Later the Red Cross teamed back up with the creator of Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out! since the original blood drive turned out to be a huge success.

In other situations things didn’t turn out quite as auspicious. In the case of My Hero Academia, SJWs went on an aggressive attack, harassing the creator and Weekly Shonen Jump over the name of a character until both the creator and Weekly Shonen Jump and the creator both apologized to SJWs and changed the name of the character.

Maybe if enough people complain about the removal of the promotional posters they might bring them back, but if Japanese companies continue to bend the knee to raucous feminists and perverted Social Justice Warriors then you may as well count Japan as having been infected with the convergence.

(Thanks for the news tip P69 (All Lolis are Queens) and Narmy)

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