Open Discussion: February 9th, 2020

A new Open Discussion is here for you, and this time it’s the second February 2020 Open Discussion. This series on OAG allows anyone to write down anything that comes to mind, where information written down can be about video games or other news of interest. Like any other piece on this site, this Open Discussion will not promote censorship.

Anyone looking for a place to share something that may be of interest will find that the Open Discussion, which appears every week on OAG, allows for all types of discussions. The Open Discussion series enables readers to participate and engage in topics or to start one up by posting whatever comes to mind.

Moreover, this series also has specific topics to partake in if you happen to be out of things to write about. If you do not want to partake in the Open Discussion and wish to change the subject to something that you feel is pressing, feel free to do so.

Just like any other post on this very site, any comment will be approved and will not face any kind of censorship. If you happen to notice a comment of yours has not appeared for other people to see, whether it was censored by WordPress or Disqus, send us a message and let us know and we will try to restore your comment.

As for this week’s topic, it is about video games, TV shows, movies, restaurants or other products/brands going woke. When this happens, how tolerable are you? I see some people say that they will give something a chance even if that particular thing goes full woke. With that said, when do you draw the line and how much is enough for you?

Like any other Open Discussion, you can change the subject to something else.

This week’s music comes from the game Thunder Force IV. This cover mixes both the opening theme “Lightning Strikes Again” and the theme for stage eight “Metal Squad”: