Orgasm Girl Comic Book Lands On IndieGoGo
Orgasm Girl

Trisha Cuffari has a new crowdfunding campaign that’s currently live and gathering funds for a new comic book called Orgasm Girl. And yes, the book is about as silly as you would expect.

Unlike other comic books where the lead female is a mannish-looking landwhale, Orgasm Girl features a voluptuous female boxer named Amari who gets by using a special ability she has to cheat her way through the matches: she can make men have orgasms by touch.

The comic is self-aware of its absurdity, though, the team of Trisha “Dannphan” Cuffari, Brian Lee, and Nick Caponi all recognize that the special ability to force men into orgasms is over the top, and plan on having a lot of fun with the concept and the character.

The story centers around Amari’s run-in with a little girl being kidnapped by a sex-trafficking cult and decides to step in to help her.

The comic follows the misadventures of Amari as she utilizes her powers for “good” for once.

Having a team working on the comic book that respects classics like Berserk without getting triggered by the art or story is definitely a good way of winning over some fans.

In the traditional mainstream sector of comic books something like Orgasm Girl would never fly. However, thanks to #ComicsGate we’ve seen an upsurge in independent comic books being funded by the community rather than relying on corrupt or converged publishers to make the kind of comics that fan actually want to read.

We’ve seen a number of successes in #ComicsGate, from Jawbreakers to Cyberfrog and hopefully we’ll be able to add Blade Devil to the list.

If you want to support Orgasm Girl, you can check out the IndieGoGo page for more info. The comic still has just under a month left and is already 35% complete toward its goal.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Ham)


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