Outward The Soroboreans Expansion Announced

Last year saw the launch of a buggy, quirky, but all around comfortable survival adventure game by the name Outward. Featuring a strong focus on inventory management and exploration the game went on to sell over 400,000 units and receive a free post launch content update.

Now Deep Silver has announced the game’s first content expansion with one of the worst descriptions imaginable. Contrary to the sentiment expressed within the description, new quests, a new area, and new a new faction has been confirmed for the upcoming expansion in addition to a slew of new features that are more generously detailed.

In Soroboreans players will be able to visit the city of Harmattan, which houses one of the finest academic institutions in the world, the Sorobor Academy. An institution that will likely play a huge role in the undisclosed quest line. Beyond the city lies an explore able Savanna expanse likely teaming with new areas and threats to discover.

Outward made waves originally thanks to its strong focus on survival elements, a tactical combat system, and a non-linear approach to progression. The difficulty both turned off casual gamers and lured in hardcore gamers because it was unlike nearly anything else on the market at the time. One of the highlights was the two-player co-op feature, which isn’t something that we see often in games like this.

The expansion has the opportunity to potentially lure back gamers who may have put it down due to not having enough new content to explore.

Sadly no release date other than “later this spring” was specified by Deep Silver in the announcement.

Description from Gematsu

Key Features

Enchantments – What’s better than your favorite weapon by your side? What about your favorite weapon with a whole new effect on it? Weapons and Trinkets will now be able to be changed with the new enchanting system.

Corruption – Hungry, thirsty and cold. A terrible situation to be in, but one you often find yourself in while playing. If that wasn’t enough for you now your character can get corrupted. The level of corruption affects you in different ways and if you can’t shake it you could meet an untimely end. The world just got a whole lot scarier.

New Skills and Status Effects – Introducing new skills and status effects for your character. These will help with the new situations you find yourself in with the corruption affects. These add a new element to the game and can completely change your gameplay. Time to start a new character? Do you have enough Travel Rations for this one?

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