Prodeus, Retro-FPS Early Access Delayed To Summer 2020


There’s a new retro-style FPS in the works from Bounding Box Games called Prodeus. We briefly wrote about it before when it had its Kickstarter campaign back in spring of 2019. Well, an updated trailer was released for the game that you can check out right now, featuring more gameplay, gunplay, and some of the enemies and levels you’ll encounter throughout your playthrough.

In the Kickstarter update they revealed that the Early Access release has been delayed to the summer of 2020, where it reads…

“In order to deliver an amazing game to all of you, who deserve only the best from us, we have decided to push Prodeus’ Early Access release to Summer 2020”

The new trailer covers some of the game’s weapons, levels and enemies within the span of just a minute. We also get to see how some of the levels sport various platforming challenges, puzzles, and some pretty cool melee options.

You can check out the trailer for the game below.

Instead of being like Call of Duty or the newer Halo games, they have you actually collecting health and ammo packets just like in the old FPS titles from the 1990s.

The trailer gives us a sexy look at some of the weapons at your disposal, including a shotgun, a minigun, and a pump-handle rocket launcher.

The gameplay and thematics looks like it comes right out of 1997.

The pace of the game is fast and furious and the art-style looks like a cross between EA’s reboot of Syndicate and DOOM.

Based on the trailers the game looks like a rock and rolling experience that hearkens back to the classic days of gaming when games were made for real men.

Prodeus is certainly a game worth keeping an eye on if you’re into retro shooters that take a little bit of the new-school but combine them with old-school antics like pre-rendered graphics, fast-paced shooting, and relentless enemies.

You can wishlist the game right now over on Steam or keep an eye on it over on the store page. You can look for Prodeus to drop at some point in 2020 for PC.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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