Sexy Windblade Figure Triggers Twitter

I have a simple dream that I wish to share with all of you: I dream of one day living a life so well off, filled with so much wealth and ease, devoid of any significant problem that a toy company would have the ability to emotionally set me off. Sure there are a few problems with this dream, such as how do I get my brain cell count low enough or diminish their performance to the point such a feat would be possible. Let alone combat the apathy being successful and wealthy generates towards stupid trivial bullshit, but I won’t let my dreams just be dreams.

Setting mockery aside the actual news that lead up to twitter’s latest bought of “I can’t even,” was actually pretty cool. Hasbro announced a new line of high end and costly transformers figures from Flame Toys, including Optimus Prime from Beast Wars, Rodimus and two models of Windblade. Each with its own unique pose, as discussed in The Quartering’s video above.

Naturally, Windblade caught the ire of the Twitter hate mobs with who possessed no interest in buying any of the lineup, let alone ever buying one of the $400-$500 models in the first place. Never mind how the Windblade herself has a nice sex appeal to her design and the task of making her model was tasked to Bansen a well-known artist capable of capturing her sex appeal without delving into trashy. It was unacceptable to them.

Shortly after posting the early model Hasbro took the tweet down, but not before outlets like the Quartering and Bounding Into Comics captured the harassment for all to see. Twitter, of course, doing nothing to prevent it the targeted harassment.

It is unknown whether Hasbro or Flame Toys will cave to the non-customers who are looking for the latest thing to be outraged over or whether the design will retail its “sex appeal” going into final production. The biggest saving grace probably lies in these not being children’s toys, but high end and costly models.

With a limited market whom Social Justice Warriors are unable to infiltrate as they refuse to buy anything, it provides a layer of insulation in the design process. Yet only time will tell whether they do or not.

(Thanks for the tip Adam Huỳnh)