Silicon Rising, A Proper Cyberpunk Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam

Silicon Rising

That degenerate piece of crap being made by CD Projekt Red is not a real cyberpunk game. However, Kukrgame’s Silicon Rising does look like a proper cyberpunk game and has all the markings and visual aesthetics that most real fans of the art-style associate with the genre. If you have a VR headset then you can check the game out for yourself now that Silicon Rising has entered into Early Access on Steam.

Unfortunately if you were hoping for a VR FPS-RPG experience, this game is not it.

Kukrgame’s take on the cyberpunk genre is closer to the likes of a new generation version of Bandai Namco’s Time Crisis. It’s an arcade shooter where you’ll battle your way through various scenarios, picking off targets and dodging incoming fire while using some cool sci-fi weaponry.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what it looks and plays like.

The highlight is that the game captures the kind of cyberpunk night life that we all expected from Cyberpunk 2077; bright neon lights, skyscrapers filled with advertisements, and cool futuristic weapons and vehicles. Unfortunately CD Projekt Red’s game is laced with a lot of Liberal degeneracy from top to bottom, the kind that will keep you keeled over a dumpster puking your guts out. None of it looks cool or interesting or engaging, opposite of games like Silicon Rising.

The part that actually got me excited was the driving sequence, where you actually have to put your hands on the steering wheel to navigate through the traffic. What’s more is that there are shooting segments while you drive.

I wonder if it will be easier or harder drive and shoot while pantomiming the act of turning a steering wheel?

I know for a fact that I find it a lot easier to move and aim using motion controls than analog sticks or a mouse and keyboard, since your aiming is based on your own hand-eye coordination rather than a peripheral attempting to capture the precision of aiming through wrist or thumb stick reflexes.

Anyway, the game is expected to stay in Early Access for about six months. The full game will feature a robust single-player mode, a co-op mode, and a survival mode.

You can pick up a digital copy of Silicon Rising from the Steam store for $19.99.

(Thanks for the news tip durka durka)