Sony Closing PlayStation VR Studio In Manchester

PlayStation VR Closing

Virtual reality was always a fad, it’s always been a fad, and it’ll always be a fad until they can drop the price, increase the functionality, and make it more convenient than turning on a TV, picking up a controller and playing a game or two with your mates. Sony realized late in the game that VR wasn’t going to be a big mover or shaker, and finally decided to cut some of their losses by closing up the Manchester studio in England that was responsible for working on an unannounced PlayStation VR game that will likely never see the light of day. is reporting that they were able to confirm that the Manchester-based game studio was made “redundant”, with part of the statement to the outlet reading…

“The firm confirmed to that it intends ‘to close it as part of our efforts to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness’. We understand the entire studio has been made redundant.”

Whatever they were working on was in development for some time but was never announced. The studio was formed back in 2015 to work on titles for the PlayStation VR, but apparently things didn’t quite work out… to no one’s surprise.

VR has been on a downward slope since its resurgence. The PlayStation VR is the only full-scale HMD that managed to move 5 million SKUs, but as pointed out UploadVR, sales are slumping.

The mobile solutions for VR have fared much better in terms of market saturation, with Facebook’s GearVR moving millions of units for mobile phones, but the only compelling software for the VR headsets has mostly been porn.

There still isn’t one killer app for VR headsets outside of maybe Arizona Sunshine and Superhot VR.

Most other games are either on-rail shooters with little versatility, or horror games with little replayability.

Valve is attempting to inject some sense of resurgent hype into the VR market with their upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, but that game is just more pozzed redundancy both in terms of story and gameplay, offering nothing new that we haven’t already seen from half a dozen other VR titles already on the market, and in some cases done with more pizzazz, like Boneworks.

Anyway, you can basically stick a fork in the PSVR. Nothing noteworthy has come out for the headset in ages, and Sony is now focused on the PlayStation 5.

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