Space Channel 5 VR Preps For February 25th Launch On PSVR

Space Channel 5 VR

Grounding Inc., released the official launch trailer for Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash for the PlayStation VR, which is due to release on February 25th. The launch trailer doesn’t look much like a VR game, nor does any part of it seem to showcase any gameplay mechanics that would require the game to be made in VR.

From the outset this looks like a gimmick to try to get people to dust off their tethered PlayStation HMD and pick up a game based on a franchise too dormant to elicit any kind of reaction from most core gamers.

The launch trailer features heroine Ulala taking on space aliens using the power of dance using retro-inspired visuals and dance-offs against funky opponents. You can check out the launch trailer below, courtesy of Playscope Trailers.

The trailer doesn’t do much to setup how or why the game needs to be in VR, but instead relies on showing off Ulala and her dance partners taking on foes in various retro sci-fi themed stages.

I’m sure some Dreamcast owners might be hit with a wave of nostalgia over seeing the return of Space Channel 5 in some capacity, but I don’t see why most wouldn’t just turn to their attention to their very own gaming reliquary and boot up the game on Sega’s failed system.

Anyway, there isn’t much to say about Space Channel 5 VR. The story is about top reporter Ulala finding out that space aliens are forcing people to dance, and she’s required to step in to save the world by defeating her opponents in dance-offs.

There’s a Story Mode, an Arcade Mode, a Trial Dance mode where you play through 100 dances, a Viewing mode, a Friendopedia that contains character profiles, a Dressing Room to change Ulala in the outfits you unlock, and a Calories mode to track how many calories you’ve burned while playing.

That’s basically it.

Don’t expect this game to set the world on fire.

Like most other VR titles it will come and go and be forgotten and despised much like all the harangues at award ceremonies regurgitated by hollow-headed celebrities and pompous filmmakers.

You can learn more about Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! by visiting the PlayStation Store page.

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