Spiral Teaser Trailer Puts An Odd Spin On The Saw Series
Spiral (2020)

I was all ready to skip over the movie Spiral when it popped up in the feeds. I was instantly hit with the inclination that it was going to be some racist-filled bollocks about Chris Rock having to hunt down some white supremacist group. Another snooze-fest of propaganda-laced nonsense, not unlike Amazon’s highly racist agitprop, Hunters. However, as I was scrolling through the feed I noticed a couple of odd thumbnails from the film that gave me pause… specifically some of Chris Rock chained up to a dirty pipe in what looks like some kind of sewer system with a saw in his hand. It was at that point I became intrigued about the premise.

The trailer starts with Chris Rock and his Hispanic partner talking about family, which originally made me think it was going to be some kind of cop thriller, but then the tone quickly changed and revealed itself to be a mystery-thriller about someone hunting down and killing cops using elaborate contraptions.

Instantaneously I realized Chris Rock was completely miscast in this role and that someone like Colin Farrell, Jeremy Renner or Aaron Eckhart would have been better suited for the role, but then it was revealed that Chris Rock was the executive producer and so he had himself cast in the lead role. Typical.

But, things take a couple of twists without giving anything away. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

So not only are cops being hunted down but it looks like – and again, this is just based on the teaser – as if Chris Rock might be a dirty cop, and the killer might be hunting down corrupt cops.

It could be something completely different, but there are a few hints that Rock is a dirty officer, especially when they show up in a mask and a duffel bag breaking into a hotel room.

I have no idea where Samuel L. Jackson fits into the picture, but if it’s true that Rock is playing a dirty cop being hunted down by someone cleaning up the streets of corrupt LEOs, then that would definitely put a spin on things. Because according to Liberals blacks can’t be villains anymore in movies.

Spiral (2020) - The Raid

The teaser ends with Chris Rock with one hand cuffed to a pipe and the other with a saw, not unlike how Cary Elwes was chained up to a pipe in the original Saw.

The funny thing about it is that the one thing that most people in the comment section are talking about (apart from the jokes about Everybody Hates Chris) is how the trailer doesn’t give away the entire plot.

Others chimed in that the trailer right now is a teaser trailer and only gives viewers a setup for what’s to come, rather than the full trailer that’s bound to spoil the entire movie.

Based on a first viewing it looked like something from David Fincher. I was getting some serious Seven vibes from the cinematography and a little bit of The Bone Collector from the way they were framing the plot.

Again, based on the teaser trailer Spiral does have an intriguing premise. However, Hollywood can’t help themselves in producing propaganda-laced schlock. Then again, Lionsgate is known for stepping outside the bounds of Hollywood’s typical schlock. Lionsgate was responsible for anti-SJW films such as Rambo: Last Blood, Shot Caller and The Hitman’s Bodyguard. But then again they’re also responsible for The Hunger Games and other SJW-friendly crap.

So this could be a complete toss-up in terms of whether it’s more converged subversion or a film that undermines said subversion.

I’m no fan of torture-porn flicks, and was never a fan of the Saw films. However, I am curious if the film will follow-through with what was teased in the trailer and if it really will subvert the tropes worshiped by the Left? I guess we’ll find out when Spiral hits theaters in May.


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