Star Wars: The High Republic Series Will Be Handled By A “Diverse” Team

In the not too distant past the official Star Wars YouTube channel released a video alongside an article explaining what fans can expect from a new diverse initiative called “Project Luminous.” This new project also goes by the name of Star Wars: The High Republic and will explore events 200 years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

As of now, it looks like The High Republic will manifest through books, novels, and comics for children and young adults.

Moreover, the people penning these books consist of a diverse crew of five writers such as Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Daniel José Older, and Justina Ireland.

According to the following video, as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, you can see how diversity and inclusiveness are two of the many things standing as The High Republic’s foundation — as seen at 1:24. However, the full video sits below:

In case you did not watch the video, some 18 months ago, the five authors and members of Lucasfilm’s publishing and story group met to conjure up the idea that is currently taking shape, best known as The High Republic.

Companies that will help this initiative consist of Disney/Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey, Marvel, IDW, Titan Magazine, Abrams, B&M Books, Viz Media, DK, and Insight Editions.

With all of that said, reveals that Soule’s story will kick-off a “hallmark of the initiative,” which means that his book will dive into a major event that will ripple throughout the other authors’ books and comics.

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi

In addition to the above, he’ll also write the first novel, Star Wars: Light of the Jedi, due out in August. His work will introduce several characters that consist of a “sensitive Wookiee Jedi” and a “human Jedi” who hears “the Force as a song.”

Star Wars: The High Republic

Scott will head up the new Marvel series Star Wars: The High Republic. This line-up will follow a newly-minted Jedi surrounded by legends on a space station called the Starlight Beacon. Also, a band of anarchistic marauders, known as “the Nihil,” will stand as the antagonist in his work.

Star Wars: Into the Dark

Besides knowing that Gray will pen “Star Wars: Into the Dark,” not much is known about this novel. However, it is said that her work will be the start of something “bigger.”

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures

Older is said to have “erupted in giddy dance moves in the courtyard” when the big announcement drew near, and it looks like this soy-filled man will be behind Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, which is an all-ages comic under IDW.

Star Wars: A Test of Courage

And last but not least, Ireland will write the novel Star Wars: A Test of Courage. This piece will deal with the fallout of a great disaster while following characters of “various backgrounds and perspectives.”

The entire announcement was also covered by YouTube outlet Geeks + Gamers, among many others, informing fans that the Star Wars that they knew and love is gone.

Nevertheless, if the current year work of the quintet sounds like something you can get behind, the first novel of the bunch will launch this August.

(Thanks for the news tip Skullomaniac and Gemma Ham)

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