Streets Of Rage 4 Trailer Confirms 4-Player Local Co-op, 2-Player Online Co-op

Streets of Rage 4 - Floyd Iraia

Lizardcube. Guard Crush Games and Dotemu rolled out a new trailer for Streets of Rage 4, featuring the final playable character in the game, Floyd Iraia. You get to see the new character in action for a minute and a half and assess for yourself whether or not he belongs in the game.

The first half of the trailer focuses on Floyd’s combos and abilities. Much like Dr. Zan he has robotic arms, but he’s thick like Max. However, he’s neither a boxer nor a wrestler. His moves are a basic combination of punches with the addition of being able to reach out and grab enemies several spaces away and then either pummel them or smash them.

He also has the ability to grab enemies and electrocute them, and if executed close enough to other enemies it will also electrocute those other enemies as well. You can check it out in the trailer below, as covered by WCCF Tech.

He’s certainly not that impressive to me, nor is he to many others. But most people are saying he’s Streets of Rage’s version of Jax from Mortal Kombat. I can see that but he lacks a lot of Jax’s appeal… well, Jax before he got woke and turned into a racist piece of garbage.

It’s funny because most of the comment section are still hoping for the return of Skate and Max, two characters that were on the complete opposite end of the gameplay spectrum that complimented each other well.

At least Floyd isn’t Cherry, though.

Streets of Rage 4 - Floyd Irai and Blaze Upskirt

The rest of the trailer focuses on the addition of two-player online co-op, as well as four-player offline local play.

This is a pretty rad addition to an otherwise standard-fare beat-’em-up. It’s a shame it still lacks a lot of the content featured in Streets of Rage Remake, such as Shiva being playable or all of the other unlockable extras.

However, the four-player mode and online co-op will definitely give Streets of Rage 4 some legs in the replayability department, despite some of the game’s obvious drawbacks.

Streets of Rage 4 is due for release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

(Thanks for the news tip Cinj)

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