The Eternals’ Phastos Will Be In A Gay Marriage And Kiss A Gay Muslim

Gay Phastos

Marvel’s The Eternals is converged. The live-action adaption of the less-than-popular comic book series race and gender-swapped majority of the characters, turning them into disabled, gay, black people and women. One such swap is Phastos, who was forcibly turned gay, and not only that, he’s been put into a gay marriage and will kiss a gay Muslim.

NewNowNext interviewed the gay Muslim playing Phastos’ gay partner, Haaz Sleiman. He told the outlet…

“ I just shot a Marvel film with the first openly gay superhero, The Eternals. I’m married to the gay superhero Phastos, played by Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry, and we represent a gay family and have a child.”

The few remaining fans of Phastos are probably banging their heads against the wall.

They basically got double penetrated with the faux-progressive propaganda of the Regressive Left.

But it gets worse.

Sleiman went on to tell NewNowNext that he and Brian Tyree Henry share an on-screen, interracial, gay kiss…

“Oh, yeah, absolutely, and it’s a beautiful, very moving kiss. Everyone cried on set. For me it’s very important to show how loving and beautiful a queer family can be. Brian Tyree Henry is such a tremendous actor and brought so much beauty into this part, and at one point I saw a child in his eyes, and I think it’s important for the world to be reminded that we in the queer community were all children at one point. We forget that because we’re always depicted as sexual or rebellious. We forget to connect on that human part.”

If I were a blender, my lid would be about ready to flip.

To rub the salt in the wound Marvel cast a gay Muslim to play the love interest of Phastos, so now he’s gay, black, and in an interracial relationship.

It’s unnerving that the most we know about The Eternals beyond the race and gender-swaps is that it has a gay interracial kiss.

YouTuber The Amazing Lucas even did a video about this travesty.

That’s a horrible way to market a film because you’ve instantaneously extirpated your entire core demographic.

But Marvel doesn’t care at this point.

It’s no longer about making money, it’s about shoving propaganda down your throat. It’s why Valkyrie was turned into a lesbian, and why one focus of Thor: Love and Thunder will be Valkyrie’s LGBTQIA+ relationship.

Actress Tessa Thompson has done nothing but yap on and on about it on social media and to the press.

And now the only thing movie fans can readily take away from The Eternals is that a gay Muslim who openly prefers to be a “bottom” is going to lock lips with a black man in the movie.

I have no idea why Marvel thinking that targeting 1.7% of the population is a smart move; but we all know what happens when movies head down this path before release… they end up on the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip Shadow Dancer)

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