Ubisoft Announce New Prince of Persia Game, but it’s VR

Short of going full woke there has never been an instance where my hype for a game has died so fast as with the Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time. For a while it has been speculated that a new Prince of Persia game was in development following the reconciliation between IP owner Jordan Mechner and Ubisoft. Nothing was ever specified and it was fairly easy to just brush the rumor off as having no real substance.

That is until the new game was announced yesterday. Not just a new game, but a return to the Sands of Time universe. With excitement palpable, you get past the headlines to discover it’s a VR room based game developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf who is responsible for the two Assassin’s Creed room escape VR titles.

Those of you who have shelled out the money for a VR headset don’t get your hopes up quite yet.

This title will require a dedicated space to play in, for it will scale the environments to the room you have set up. Absolute nonsense like this is why VR is going to remain niche for the foreseeable future. How many gamers are wealthy enough to drop a grand on a VR headset, afford a high-end graphics card to run VR and are also wealthy enough to have a spare room they aren’t using that they might as well use it for a novelty game they’ll probably play a few times and show off to friends a few more. The market logistics of this are mind-boggling elitist.

At the very least the experience sounds fit for the requirements. Dagger of Time will support multiple players with unique multi-person puzzles. Throughout the game, there will also be traps and numerous time-based puzzles as per the title’s namesake.

If you’re wealthy and want to read more there is a full interview on Ubisoft’s website, but not many more details were provided other than how it’ll play like most other VR games with a bit of added immersion. The rest of us will have to occupy our time hunting down whoever wished on a Monkey’s Paw for a new Prince of Persia game as we wait for a proper new installment.

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