UKIE #RaiseTheGame Pledges To Increase Diversity In Games And Game Development

Gears 5

The Association For UK Interactive Entertainment, better known as UKIE, released a new survey gauging employment statistics within the gaming industry, and they concluded that it wasn’t diverse enough. So what do they plan to do about it? Bring in major studios and publishers to adhere to their new “Pillars” in order to improve “diversity” in the games you play and the people who make them.

In the press release over on the official website, Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of UKIE, opened with the following statements…

“Diversity isn’t a nicety; it’s a necessity if the industry is going to grow, thrive and truly reflect the tens of millions of people that play games every day in this country. A diverse industry that draws on myriad cultures, lifestyles and experiences will lead to more creative and inclusive games that capture the imagination of players and drive our sector forward.”

The propaganda comes to life a few paragraphs below the statistics with the #RaiseTheGame mandate, where the three pillars of the pledge include the following…

“Creating a diverse workforce by recruiting as fairly and as widely as possible


“Shaping inclusive and welcoming places to work, by educating and inspiring people to take more personal responsibility for fostering and promoting diversity and inclusion


“Reflecting greater diversity within games at every level from game design and development through to marketing and community engagement.

Companies who sign up with UKIE’s pledge will be required to keep tabs on their employment and product progress to ensure it aligns with the organizations social engineering method to displace men in the workplace, in particular straight white men.

The usual suspects are already signed up for the #RaiseTheGame pledge, which includes Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Facebook, and Jagex. In the press release it states…

“Those supporting the #RaisetheGame pledge, including its five founding partners EA, Facebook, Jagex, King and Microsoft, will also be asked to provide information on how they matched up against the pledge pillars on an annual basis. The census will also be conducted regularly, with the intention to run it every two years to track how the industry’s diversity profile changes over time.”

Facebook is already pushing for their own social engineering program called Women In Gaming, where the idea is to try to push for more equality in the video game workforce and to increase “diversity” in games geared toward the male demographic.

In plain ‘ole English this means displacement.

Centrists™ will deceitfully argue “But they didn’t say they’re replacing men!” while ignoring the fact that if positions are already filled and they begin work on a new project and that project is going to have a 50/50 gender ratio in the studio, that means the people who used to work there (mostly men) will be displaced for women.

It’s the kind of common sense logic that low I.Q., Liberals will avoid addressing if you bring up that fact, and will likely net you a ban or suspension on Twitter in order to maintain the current propaganda-laden push to subvert the media industry.

As pointed out by, majority of the people who want to work in the industry are straight white males, and they occupy the positions to develop and produce games because they have a passion for it. UKIE wants to replace them with diversity hires, people who can’t code to save their life, and designers whose only goal is to foist their degeneracy onto everyone else.

We’ve already seen Microsoft jump on this bandwagon with poor-performing games like Gears 5, which replaced the male lead with a masculine female, and was marketed around promoting LGBTQIA+ content rather than trying to appeal to the core demographic who actually buys and plays Gears of War games.

This is all redundant information, however, and none of this is new.

Everyone already knows what’s coming down the pipeline: More straight white males being demonized and ousted from the industry. More anti-consumer, anti-hetero games pushing agitprop down the throats of gamers. More “diversity”-driven games featuring unlikable heroines and their misandrist adventures through insipid and uninspired worlds. And more cardboard cutout villains scraped out of a rusty pail after a TDS-suffering Lefty had a creative enema after sperging out on Twitter.

But whatever. Keep chowing down on the anti-intellectual diarrhea spewed out by these woke propagandists. At this point this site reads like a broken record with all the “I told you so” lines we get to throw out with each new AAA release.

(Thanks for the news tip Mister Reland)

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