Yuzuki-Chan VTuber Transitions Into An AVTuber


The age of VTubers becoming AVTubers is now upon us. The first of the bunch is the Yuzuki sisters, who are now contracted by the AV company Emoechi to star in adult-oriented videos that are now currently available for purchase alongside their standard YouTube content.

According to Sankaku Complex, the whole ordeal was made public both on Twitter and via Rin Yuzuki’s virtual channel on YouTube.

Emoechi made the announcement via their official Twitter account first, informing their followers that they would be producing content featuring Yuzuki-chan and her sister on February 10th, 2020.

There was a second tweet from the Yuzuki-chan account on Twitter with a NSFW teaser trailer confirming that the virtual YouTuber had made the transition into adult Japanese videos, and that you would be able to purchase her first video from the official website.

What’s more is that there was an even an official announcement on her YouTube channel, which boasts more than 84.6 thousand subscribers as of the writing of this article. Although, the video announcement was made relatively safe for work, with Rin Yuzuki keeping most of her clothes on and informing her followers that her first major work as an AVTuber was currently available for purchase.

The video was published on February 11th.

This isn’t too surprising given that this announcement was foreshadowed months ago back on November 1st, 2019 when semi-erotic videos were being posted to Rin Yuzuki’s YouTube channel announcing that she had a special announcement.

Unlike some of the other VTubers, Yuzuki-chan’s channel was always filled with plenty of borderline ecchi content. So making the leap from fan-service to full blown AV model didn’t seem too far fetched.

What’s going to be funny, though, is seeing if other VTubers follow suit, making cash as livestreamers and Let’s Play content creators on the wholesome side of things and catering to their more diehard fans with officially produced AV content.

I’m sure all the THOTs who raged at Projekt Melody will also direct their ire at AVTubers once they begin to see a sizable audience begin to redirect their attention away from real-life models to virtual models. For everyone who missed the shenanigans, Youtuber Hero Hei did a recap of the controversy.

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